Cost To Build Inground Pool


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For many homeowners the cost to build an inground pool is a crucial factor to consider when planning for their dream backyard oasis.

While the idea of having your own inground pool is enticing the financial aspect can sometimes cause concern.

From the initial construction to maintenance costs several elements contribute to the overall expense.

But just how much does it really cost to transform your backyard into a private getaway?

Cost To Build Inground Pool

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Cost Per Square Foot For Inground Pools

The cost of building an inground pool varies significantly ranging from $80 to $250 per square foot. One of the primary factors influencing the cost per square foot is the size of the pool.

For example a smaller 10×20 pool might cost between $16000 to $50000 while a larger 20×40 pool could range from $64000 to $200000.

Another key determinant in the cost to build an inground pool is the material used. For instance a fiberglass pool may cost between $30000 and $85000 or a vinyl pool could run from $25000 to $65000.

The ‘cost per square foot’ approach gives prospective pool owners a clear idea of the overall investment required. But remember additional costs such as maintenance winterizing or pool removal can also factor into the total pool cost.

Types of Inground Pools

There are three major types of inground pools; concrete vinyl and fiberglass. Each pool type comes with its own set of costs and benefits.

  1. Concrete Pools: These are durable and highly customizable. They usually cost between $50000 to $120000 and can last more than 50 years.
  2. Vinyl Pools: Vinyl pools are more economical with prices between $25000 to $65000. However their vinyl liners need replacement every 10 years.
  3. Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass materials cost lower ranging from $30000 to $85000 with an impressive lifespan of 25+ years on average. They’re relatively low maintenance.
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There are also unique pool types like semi-inground lap small/mini and infinity pools. Remember choosing a custom shape or adding a feature like a waterfall or hot tub will increase the installation price.

Ultimately the choice of the pool type you choose will depend on your budget aesthetic preference and upkeep commitment.

Factors Affecting Inground Pool Cost

An inground pool can be a great addition to your property offering relaxation recreation and increased home value. However the cost to build an inground pool can vary significantly due to a number of key factors.

The first and most obvious factor is pool size. For instance a 12-foot-by-24-foot inground pool can cost between $23000 to $72000.

A larger pool such as a 20 by 40-foot pool can cost up to $200000.

The type of material used is also a significant cost factor. Fiberglass pools usually costing between $30000 to $85000 and can last over 25 years while concrete pools can cost up to $120000 and last over 50 years.

Vinyl pools are the least expensive option with a price tag of $25000 to $65000 but they require liner replacement every 10 years.

  • Location: The cost of pool installation can be 20% more expensive in the northern states.
  • Excavation and site preparation: Costs can increase if your property requires tree removal field relocation or extensive excavation.
  • Pool shape and style: Unique or custom shapes such as L-shaped or freeform pools can raise prices.
  • Added features: Upgrades like a diving board heating system or waterfall can add thousands to the cost.
  • Labor: Labor costs typically represent around 33% of the total pool installation cost averaging around $19000.

Upgrades For Inground Pools

Once you’ve decided on the basics for your inground pool you may want to consider some optional upgrades to further enhance your swimming experience.

Custom shapes can add aesthetic appeal and uniqueness to your pool though they may increase costs. Water features like waterfalls or fountains can make your pool more engaging and appealing but they also add to the cost.

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Adding lighting can extend the usability of your pool into the evening hours and create a dramatic visual effect. A heating system allows for comfortable swimming in cooler weather and a diving board or slide add elements of fun.

For safety consider installing a pool fence or enclosure enhancing the pool deck and using a pool cover. Keep in mind that these safety features can also add to your overall pool cost.

Upgrade Average Cost
Waterfall $1000 – $10000
Pool Lighting $450 – $1900
Diving Board $300 – $600
Pool Heater $1800 – $3200
Pool Fence $1500 – $10000

Custom landscaping around your pool can also elevate your backyard setting but will contribute to additional costs. Hot tubs integrated into the pool design are also a popular upgrade providing a relaxing warm-water soak.

To keep costs in check it might be wise to select only a few key upgrades that yield the most satisfaction and skip unnecessary add-ons.

Inground Pool Longevity And Cost

Understanding the overall cost to build inground pool involves considering various factors. These factors range from the material used to the size depth and shape of the pool.

For instance the installation cost for a 12-foot-by-24-foot inground pool can range starts at $14400. Material types specifically like a fiberglass pool can cost up to $85000 but last 25+ years demonstrating greater longevity.

Different pool materials not only vary in cost but also their lifespan. Concrete for example may last as long as 50+ years but can cost up to $120000.

On the other hand while vinyl pools may only cost up to $65000 their liners need replacement every 10 years. Therefore considering long-term costs is of paramount importance when deciding pool materials.

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Various additional costs also factor into the cost to build inground pool equations. These can include pool safety features such as fences and enclosures and the need for any aesthetic or functional upgrades such as waterfalls lights diving boards or a pool heater.

Further inherent costs like those involving maintenance winterizing or pool removal might have to be factored in during the decision-making process.

According to HomeGuide members the average installed cost for inground pools is around $31500 while the national average cost tends to be around $57938. The typical cost range however tends to vary between $39000 to $80351.

This makes it crucial for pool customers to do their research and compare prices before making a final decision.

The annual maintenance location depth water type and homeownership costs also play a significant role in the overall cost of building an inground pool. The price can also vary greatly depending on the pool type.

For instance turnkey packages for vinyl inground pools are significantly more affordable than those for concrete pools.

Moreover the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) recognizes that the cost factors you will encounter will be based on the quality of the pool the type of pool the features and comfort technology and the landscaping surrounding the pool.

A cost-saving tip for installing a pool includes choosing a simple deck and avoiding the deep end. You could also skip fancy add-ons and contemplate DIY cleaning and maintenance versus professional services to cut costs.

Overall while the costs associated with building and maintaining an inground pool can be hefty the resulting benefits such as increased home value improved aesthetics potential tax deductions and the sheer fun of having a personal pool can ultimately outweigh the expenditure.

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