Cost To Build Jail


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Ever wondered about the cost to build jail structures around the world?

This might be a puzzling question but it does carry significant weight in public expenditures and policy making.

After all taxpayers’ money is at stake here.

Not to mention the correlation between the crime rate the necessity for incarceration and how they impact the economy.

But on a startling note is the financial investment worth the social implications?

Cost To Build Jail

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Jail Construction Costs

The cost to build a jail is influenced by various factors. These may include the size materials used location level of security required and design of the building.

RSMeans data a trusted source for accurate construction cost data suggests the cost averages at $150 per square foot in the United States.

The total building cost estimates for a standard union labor jail construction using cast-in-place concrete/rigid steel comes to $13275392.56. Contrastingly the cost for the same construction using open shop labor totals $12263376.14 as per 2019 RSMeans data.

  • Contractor fees make up or approximately 25% of the total cost
  • Architectural fees account for around 7% of the total cost

Other construction options include using face brick & concrete block or stucco & concrete block. The National Institute of Justice further reports that the nationwide per bed prison construction cost has seen a $20000 increase within the last two years.

Average Jail Construction Expenses

Comparing the construction costs of different jails in the United States it’s noted that the cost per bed varies across states. In Connecticut costs are higher than the national average with the Garner Correctional Institution in Newtown registering a per bed construction cost of $102514.

The York Correctional Institution in Niantic also in Connecticut had a slightly lesser per bed cost at $94188. Factors that lead to such discrepancies in costs include the need for additional site work regional disparity in the cost of materials and labor rates.

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Referring to original survey data for 1992-93 states like Maine Maryland and Ohio also report high-priced prison construction. The use of security-grade materials such as security glazing windows and upgraded technologies also drive up expenses.

Operating and maintaining a prison comes with its share of costs. As part of the ongoing expenses staffing utilities food medical services security equipment and repairs eat into the budget annually.

Estimating Jail Building Costs

Building a jail in the United States is a substantial project. As per the 2019 RSMeans data the average construction cost is around $150 per square foot.

Assuming a 40000 square foot building with three stories the total building cost estimate can be in the range of $12-13 million depending on specific variables like labor and materials used.

Let’s break down these costs a bit more. For a jail with cast-in-place concrete/rigid steel using standard union labor the full cost can amount to approximately $13275392.56.

In this scenario contractor fees can account for nearly 25% of the total cost while architectural fees can cover around 7%.

  • Cost of Materials: Varies depending on the type of materials used such as face brick and concrete block or stucco and concrete block.
  • Labor Costs: Highly influenced by regional labor rates and if union or open shop labor is utilized.
  • Fees: Contractor and architectural fees add up to roughly 32% of the total cost.

Factors Affecting Jail Construction Prices

Jail construction costs are subject to a number of variables. From location to size to materials technology and design every aspect plays a role.

For instance in Connecticut the average per bed prison construction cost is reportedly higher than in other states.

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Construction costs may also see an increase due to specific needs of the site and facility. For instance at the Garner Correctional Institution in Newtown additional site work led to a higher per bed rate.

Conversely per bed construction costs can be reduced when utilizing facilities like inmate labor.

Factor Description
Location Costs depend on the regional labor rates and material costs.
Size and Design Depending on the design configuration (single or multiple occupancy cells) and the number of stories prices vary.
Technology The inclusion of sophisticated security equipment and systems can drive up costs.
Materials Choice of materials from basic concrete blocks to stainless steel security-grade toilets can influence the price.

The key takeaway is that the cost to build a jail is not a fixed number. It depends on countless factors and every project must be assessed individually to obtain a more accurate construction cost estimate.

Cost Analysis Of Building A Jail

The cost to build a jail is a significant consideration for the Department of Correction. Factors such as location the level of security required and specific design configurations can influence the total cost.

Accurate construction estimating data from RSMeans is relied upon in the industry. For 2019 a general cost model was set with assumptions of a 40000 square foot facility 3 stories high and a height of 12 feet per level.

An example building cost estimate revealed a total spend of $13275392.56. In this model architectural fees and contractor fees were accounted for making up 7% and 25% of the overall cost respectively.

However cost variations may occur with different building materials or jail designs. For instance comparable building costs were lower when considering open shop labor for a prison built with cast-in-place concrete and rigid steel.

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Regional differences also come into play. For instance the average per bed prison construction cost in Connecticut is found to be higher than many other states.

Specific costs for the Garner Correctional Institution in Newtown and the York Correctional Institution in Niantic were quoted at $102514 and $94188 respectively.

These costs were notably higher than the nationwide chronological prison construction cost data from previous years. Factors such as labor rates and security requirements can drive these increases.

For instance security-glazed windows are a necessity in these institutions.

There are notable differences in the nationwide cost per bed data for 1992-93 compared to four years later. States like Maine Maryland and Ohio displayed higher expenditures according to original survey data.

Variations in the cost to build a jail can also be attributed to the size and type of the facility. High-rise prisons facilities offering higher levels of security and new facility construction significantly inflate per bed construction costs.

Therefore it’s crucial to use a reliable cost index when comparing different states. This can help adjust for regional differences in material costs and labor rates providing a more accurate picture of actual costs.

Beyond initial construction the cost of running a jail also has to be considered. Staffing needs utility charges and needs for food and medical services account for ongoing expenses.

In fact these factors can lead to an incarceration cost of tens of thousands of dollars per year per inmate.

Given the high costs involved alternative solutions such as community-based programs are being explored for cost-effectiveness. This notion in line with the ongoing debates about cost-effectiveness of detention facilities proposes an intriguing alternative for overall societal benefit.

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