Cost To Build Japanese Style House


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If you’ve ever wondered about the cost to build a Japanese style house you’re not alone.

They’ve become popular due to their unique aesthetics and functionality.

However the question remains how affordable or expensive are they to build?

This intriguing question propels us into a deep dive to precisely understand the costs related to constructing a house that embodies the essence of Japanese architecture.

Cost To Build Japanese Style House

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Cost Factors

Building a traditional Japanese house in America can be costly with factors such as size location and buying a house plan to consider. Depending on these the cost to build a Japanese style house can range from $400000 to over a million.

However cost savings can be realized through careful customization and using locally sourced materials.

For example The cost of a simple wooden-framed house can be reduced by about $337000 on average. Also the Kayak instructor Brian Schulz was able to construct a traditional Japanese-style home for $11000 by using locally sourced salvaged wood and by performing the labor himself.

Furthermore selecting your contractors carefully and being resourceful can result in some savings. So hiring a trustworthy and experienced constructor is a key factor in controlling construction cost.

Materials Needed

Japanese-style houses are typically built using timber clay and other materials such as tatami mat flooring wooden verandas and sliding shoji doors. Also features like warm Ofuro (Japanese bathing tubs) will need to be sourced to create an authentic appearance.

The exterior of these houses often exhibit vertical cladding made of cedar siding. As for the interior walls filled with cotton insulation and surfaces clad with roughsawn spruce lath are commonly observed.

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For Schulz’s cabin the locally sourced salvaged wood and the following materials were used:

  • 14′ by 16′ size frame
  • 224 square feet of timber
  • Lots of 16 penny nail and deck screws
  • Storm shutters (amado) for windows
  • Low-level wooden furniture
  • Paper lanterns for lighting
  • Cotton insulation for walls

Bear in mind however that your materials list will vary depending on your customization and design preferences.

Impact Of Size

The size of a Japanese style house is significant when calculating the cost. For example a typical Japanese house in America ranges from 2000-3000 square feet and the cost can vary from $400000 to over a million.

However smaller structures like the cabin built by Brian Schulz in Oregon which is 14′ by 16′ and an approximate footprint of 224 square feet represent a more affordable option. The DIY project cost Schulz around $11000.

  • Size directly affects construction materials
  • Smaller homes may save on labor costs
  • Large Japanese-style homes require more planning and craftsmanship
  • House size influences the overall construction duration

Customization Cost

Customizing a Japanese style house can significantly increase the cost. From engawa (porch) amado (storm shutters) tatami flooring to warm Ofuro (Japanese bathing tubs) elements of Japanese architecture require highly specialized craftsmen that can drive up the cost.

Other design features like the low to ground furniture and Shoji doors need to be factored into the budget. For instance using locally sourced salvaged wood helped Schulz to cut down his construction cost.

  • Traditional features like tatami floors are costly
  • Shoji doors require skilled craftsmen
  • Using locally sourced material can reduce costs
  • Customization can make the house more architecturally honest
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Cost Type Description Average Cost
Construction Materials Wood clay straw sand and milk paint among others Average cost can’t be determined due to variations
Labor Cost of contractors and craftsmen Varies depending on location and expertise
Land Price of the piece of land to build the house Varies depending on location
Customization Adding unique or traditional features to the house Varies depending on the extent of customization

Buying In Japan

Buying a Japanese-style house in Japan can sometimes be a more cost-effective option. The cost of the land especially in major areas like Tokyo can significantly influence the overall cost of the home.

The purchasing process involves looking at online websites to find available properties and possibly hiring a dependable contractor to facilitate the process.

The budget to buy a house in Japan can greatly vary. For instance the cost of a simple wooden-framed house can be reduced by about $337000 on average.

But other factors like location house plans and preconstruction costs can influence the final price.

Japanese-style houses incorporate materials like timber and clay have Tatami mat flooring and wooden verandas which can also affect the cost. Buying an existing Japanese-style house also offers the chance to renovate based on your preferences which may be a cheaper alternative than building one from scratch.

It is important to note that traditional Japanese homes or Minka have sliding doors wooden verandas and Tatami flooring which gives them their distinguishing characteristics. Modern Japanese-style houses on the other hand focus on efficiency and space-saving design.

When buying a house in Japan being aware of these features is essential. Unique elements such as nature’s involvement shoji sliding panels entrance halls tatami floors low-ground furniture and Ofuro baths can make the house more expensive but adds to its authenticity and charm.

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The story of Brian Schulz stands as an inspiration to those seeking to build a cost-effective Japanese-style house. Schulz a kayak instructor constructed a Japanese-style home in Oregon for $11000.

Using locally sourced salvaged wood he crafted a simple yet beautiful home that stands as an example of affordability and resourcefulness.

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