Cost To Build Review Site


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If you’ve ever wondered about the cost to build a review site then this article is for you.

We’ll be delving deep into the financial aspects of this digital venture.

From domain registration and hosting to site design and content creation every detail will be scrutinized.

Are you ready to gain a clear perspective on what it takes financially to set up a successful review site?

Cost To Build Review Site

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Cost Estimate For Review Site

Building a review site bears a cost variously depending on the number of features and the functionality desired. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit.

Providing an exact cost estimation could be tough without a feature-by-feature breakdown. However according to a more detailed estimate by various sources the typical cost to build a review site is around $15000 ranging from $10000 to $20000.

Key contributors to the cost include:

  • Use of any CMS like WordPress or

  • Developing with custom code or using an HTML editor.

  • Custom designs and functionality.

  • SSL certificate high performance hosting and other similar items.

Time To Build Review Site

The timeline to build a review site could shift significantly based on the complexity and customization of the site. In general it takes around 200 hours but can vary from 133 to 267 hours.

Choosing to design and program your site using HTML editors might take more time but allows for cleaner semantic code and better SEO controls. Taking the CMS route like with WordPress or Joomla or Drupal websites is generally faster but might involve dealing with more standardized looks and functionalities.

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The choice hereby heavily depends on the preferences and needs of the review site builder.

  • 133 hours for a barebones MVP review site.

  • 200 hours for a standard review site using CMS like WordPress.

  • 267 hours for a highly customized professional review site.

Growing Your Review Site

Building a successful review app goes beyond just coding and design. An integral part of running a review site is growing your user base.

The users are the ones who write a product review rate and recommend products and interact with other users. They create a community that can uniquely influence the buying decision of customers.

Several successful review apps have successfully grown their user base by using strategic online marketing strategies such as offering free products or discounts as incentives for users to invite friends. Examples of such successful grow strategies are seen in popular review applications like Yelp TripAdvisor and Amazon.

Other elements that can help to expand user base include a functional website a strong digital presence compelling branding mobile application customized plugin and social media integration.

Risks Of Building A Review Site

Building a professional review site also comes with its set of risks. Legal and reputational risks top the list.

Companies must be vigilant to prevent abuse of the rating system by fraudulent users who may want to post false ratings and reviews that may hurt a business’ brand.

Outfitting your site with an official rating system certificate and algorithm to remove fraudulent ratings and reviews can help manage these risks. Companies like Crowdbotics provide resources to ensure apps comply with rating system laws.

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A well managed web application with effective SEO controls is necessary to assist businesses in navigating these risks.

Further complications from non-standard release platforms and custom code can also add to the cost to build review site affecting the overall budget. Choosing the right CMS and HTML editor such as WordPress or could help streamline the development process and reduce these risks.

Comparison Of Review And Related Apps

Review apps like Yelp TripAdvisor and Amazon have become household names due to the way they have revolutionalized and simplified the process of making informed buying decisions. Often built with MySQL and PHP they operate on a business model that revolve around user interactions and opinions.

These popular review apps often compared to consumer review apps are web mobile or desktop applications that offer not only a platform for users to write a product review but also allow them to view reviews from other users.

There are other common features shared by successful review apps a case in point being an age range filter to ensure content is suitable for all users and a system to prevent abuse through the removal of false ratings.

Building a functional review app be it a full-blown web application or a ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) could range from $10000 to $20000. An HTML editor especially for those who are tech-savvy could greatly reduce these app cost quotes.

But cost to build review site is not just about money time is also a major consideration. A more detailed estimate typically puts the time to build a review app around 200 hours though this could range from anywhere between 133 and 267 hours depending on the complexity custom code and possibly the branding of the app.

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Building a professional review site though especially if one goes with cost effective options like a self-hosted WordPress website can cost significantly lower more so for small businesses that are just carving out an online presence.

Moreover the CMS to choose whether WordPress or can also affect the final cost. Beyond this cost agencies may also have to factor in the cost of hiring a WordPress developer if they are interested in having a custom profile and personalized themes or skins.

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