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When planning a building project understanding the cost to build reviews is crucial.

These analyses can be complex involving multiple variables and calculations.

They are a fundamental aspect in shaping the course of a construction project.

This raises an critical question: are we allocating adequate resources for these reviews?

Cost To Build Reviews

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Cost To Build A Review App?

The cost to build a review app like Yelp TripAdvisor or Amazon can vary considerably with ballpark figures ranging between $10000 to $20000. In your cost planning consider factors such as the Crowdbotics estimate the level of custom designs and potential legal and reputational risks.

Time To Build a Review App

An average review app’s development timeframe can be around 200 hours but may span between 133 to 267 hours based on factors such as intended functionality niche features and the complexity of rating systems put in place.


Creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for a successful review application requires careful planning. You must consider how users will share reviews prevent abuse from malicious users and remove fraudulent ratings.

Key features of a review app

  • Custom Profile: Allows users to build a profile to gain trust and authenticity in their reviews.
  • Search features: Helps users find reviews about specific local businesses and products.
  • Social Media Integration: Lets users share reviews via popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Anti-fraud system: A system to flag and remove false ratings and non-genuine reviews.

Implementing Review Filters

Implementing filters like age range categories and location are crucial in building a review app. These allow users to tailor the reviews they read according to their preferences and interests.

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Legal Responsibilities…

When building a review app developers must comply with applicable laws that govern rating systems. This can have an impact on the timeline and cost of building the app.

Growing Your Review Application

Building a review application requires careful planning and consideration to successfully grow your user application. Like popular review applications such as Yelp TripAdvisor and Amazon your platform should encourage users to share opinions and write a review.

A custom profile can help users feel more engaged and age range filters can ensure content is appropriate for all users. To grow the user base features that allow users to invite friends recommend products to others and share reviews are essential.

Risks Of Building A Review Application

Building a review application can involve some risks. False ratings from malicious users can lead to reputational risks while failing to comply with rating system laws can lead to legal risks.

Implementing systems to remove fraudulent ratings is crucial for maintaining trust and credibility. Another consideration is ensuring the platform can handle growth and can expand the user base without sacrificing quality.

Building a review app typically costs around $$$$$.

Cost to build a Review App Estimated Hours
$15000 200 hours

Note: Costs may vary and range from $10000 to $20000 and hours from 133 to 267.

Comparing App Estimate To Related Types

A popular and accurate way of estimating build costs is through review apps like Yelp TripAdvisor and Amazon. These platforms invite users to write a review and rate local businesses contributing to the body of accurate numbers that help guide future users.

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However it’s important to understand that the accuracy of these estimates can be influenced by a number of factors including location (such as Silicon Valley Michigan or California) unique custom profiles and age range filter among other things.

Creating a review app requires a specific budget and the ability to comply with applicable laws especially in regards to removing fraudulent ratings.

Companies like Crowdbotics and GW builders offer price quotes for building a review app and these can be an excellent point of reference when estimating your own build costs.

The cost of building a review app in California’s high-demand Bay area might be steeper considering the high labor costs common in the area.

Understanding these considerations allows you to make an informed decision concerning the cost to build and successfully grow your review application.

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