Cost To Remove Load Bearing Wall


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Are you curious about the cost to remove a load bearing wall in your house?

Shaping your home’s interior to suit your unique style is exciting but at times it can involve altering the structure significantly.

One common home renovation involves breaking down walls to create an open space concept.

However not all walls are just partitions; some are labeled as ‘load-bearing’ and play a critical function in supporting your home.

Failure to acknowledge this may lead to some appalling renovations disaster.

But can you guess how much for this seemingly simple process could set back your budget?

Cost To Remove Load Bearing Wall

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Average Cost To Remove Load Bearing Wall

The average cost to remove a load bearing wall ranges between $1200 to $3000. This typically includes labor materials and project management.

However if the wall is in a multi-story home the cost to remove could increase to between $4000 and $10000. Note that these are just ballpark costs.

The actual cost may go up or down depending on the length size and structural complexities associated with the wall.

Additional expenses may arise if structural support in the form of a support beam such as an LVL beam glulam beam or steel beam needs to be added after the wall removal. Complex job like these often involve consulting structural engineers obtaining building permits and ensuring that building regulations are adhered to.

The cost of hiring a structural engineer for load-bearing wall removal calculations usually adds another $300 to $1000 to the overall cost.

Factors Affecting Cost Of Load Bearing Wall Removal

The cost to remove load bearing wall may fluctuate based on several factors. One significant aspect is the presence of utility lines.

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If any plumbing or electrical lines pass through the wall additional costs will be incurred for rerouting utilities potentially necessitating hiring electricians and plumbers. Tradespeople of this sort come at an additional cost and could increase the project’s total price.

The height and width of the wall also affect the removal costs. For instance removing a wide load bearing wall or a 15 ft high concrete wall may involve additional labor and material costs raising the project’s total cost.

The type of property also plays a part in the pricing – removing a wall in an apartment will differ in cost compared to a single-story or two-story house due to the differing structural support requirements.

Cost Of Removing Load Bearing Wall Vs Non-Load Bearing Wall

When considering a demolition or renovation it’s important to distinguish between removing a load bearing wall and a non-load-bearing wall. The former supports the weight of the property above it while the latter does not.

According to multiple sources the average cost to remove a load-bearing wall is approximately $4000 to $10000 for single-story houses and $9000 to $15000 for multi-story homes. This cost takes into account factors such as the construction type flooring types and other considerations.

On the other hand removal of a non-load-bearing wall might cost as little as $500 to $2000. The price difference is due to the structural complexities and risks involved in removing a load bearing wall.

Hiring A Professional For Load Bearing Wall Removal

Due to these complexities and risks hiring a professional contractor for a load-bearing wall removal is advised. This ensures safety and proper adherence to building regulations.

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The inclusion of asbestos and mold removal termite damage repair and lead paint testing in costs reflects the thorough nature of professional services.

The contractor would typically work with structural engineers plumbers and electricians when removing a wall with utilities running through it. The average cost of hiring a structural engineer for load-bearing wall removal evaluations ranges from $300 to $1000.

While it may seem like a complex job and an investment removing a load-bearing wall can significantly improve the layout and flow of your home.

Estimated Costs Breakdown

Type of Cost Price Estimate
Removing Load-Bearing Wall (Single-Story Home) $4000 – $10000
Removing Load-Bearing Wall (Multi-Story Home) $9000 – $15000
Removing Non-Load-Bearing Wall $500 – $2000
Hiring Structural Engineer $300 – $1000
Additional Services (e.g. mold and asbestos removal) Variable

Permits And Inspections For Load Bearing Wall Removal

When undergoing the task of removing a load bearing wall it’s imperative to obtain proper permits. These building permits ensure that local laws and building regulations are upheld.

Expect a ballpark cost of $75 or more for these documents depending on your location and the scope of work involved.

Additionally to avoid costly miscalculations compromises or structural damage to your home inspections by building inspectors or structural engineers are critical. The cost of these professional evaluations can range from $300 to $1000 depending on various factors such as the length and complexity of your project.

Remember to factor in rerouting of utilities as another potential cost. This includes repositioning and managing HVAC lines plumbing service lines and electrical systems.

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If your project involves the removal of a 15 ft high concrete wall or a wide load bearing wall these regulations and inspections cannot be skipped due to their potential impact on the building’s structural complexities.

Apart from permissions and evaluations seeking expert advice is important to determine whether a steel beam LVL beam glulam beam or a concrete beam would best serve as a replacement for the load-bearing wall. Don’t overlook these necessary steps in the pursuit of saving on removal costs.

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