Cost To Skim Coat Walls


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Are you curious about the costs that come with the task of skim coating your walls?

Securing a solid understanding of cost to skim coat walls is crucial before embarking on any home improvement project.

It is important to recognize that the price may fluctuate depending on numerous factors including the choice of materials labor charges and the room size.

We will provide in-depth insight into what influences the overall cost of this particular project allowing you to effectively budget your resources.

But will skim coating walls be a worthwhile investment for increasing home value?

Only time and the local real estate market will tell.

Cost To Skim Coat Walls

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Cost Per Square Foot

The cost to skim coat walls ranges between $1.10 and $1.30 per square foot as per Homewyse Lists. This estimate usually covers labor materials and equipment.

This estimate excludes costs for modifying existing structures or systems. It also doesn’t include sales tax on materials and supplies or any required permit or inspection fees from your local building department.

The cost may vary based on location and your project’s specific requirements. It’s worth noting that the cost can increase by 13% to 22% due to the general contractor overhead and markup.

For accurate assessments and costs consider hiring local professionals. They will provide written quotes and give you a precise cost breakdown including all the necessary details.

Room Size

The room size will significantly affect the cost to skim coat walls. It’s best to skim coat an entire room for consistent finish and appearance.

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Let’s discuss the cost based on some standard room sizes:

  • 9-by-11-foot room: $1 x 99 square feet = $99
  • 11-by-12-foot room: $1.10 x 132 square feet = $145.20
  • 12-by-14-foot room: $1.30 x 168 square feet = $218.40

Average cost to skim coat a 468-square-foot space is generally between $515 and $610.

These costs are inclusive of tools and labor. Also it reflects mid-grade materials.

However the cost may change based on the skilled labor wages in your area and other location-specific factors.

Cost Breakdown

The average cost to skim coat drywall ranges from $1.10-$1.30 per square foot. This pricing is dependent on factors like location local material and contractor costs.

For example the average cost to skim coat a 468-square-foot space is between $515 and $610.

Here is a cost breakdown for standard room sizes:

  • 9-by-11-foot room: About $100 to $120
  • 11-by-12-foot room: Approximately $120 to $150
  • 12-by-14-foot room: Around $150 to $200
  • 12-by-18-foot room: Roughly $200 to $250
  • 16-by-20-foot room: Typically $270 to $350
  • 20-by-28-foot room: Generally $396 to $468
  • 22-by-28-foot room: Usually $438 to $518

It’s important to understand that a large portion of these costs goes to labor. Hiring a drywall finisher might cost $50 to $100 per hour with an average project taking four to five hours.

Diy Skim Coating

While you can attempt to tackle a drywall skimming job yourself it is recommended to hire an experienced contractor. Skim coating requires precision practice and the use of high-quality tools.

However if you’re up for the challenge you can definitely save on labor costs.

Here’s a brief list of necessary items if you decide to DIY:

  • Drywall compound: Costs around $15 for a 5-gallon bucket
  • 120-grit Sandpaper: About $7 for a pack
  • Skimming blade set: Ranges from $30-$50
  • Drill and mixer attachment: Price varies but can be found for $100 or under
  • Apply Compound: Around $12 for a 4-pack
  • Prime: Typically $15-$20 per gallon
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Please note deciding to DIY doesn’t have to mean buying all the tools required. It’s worth inquiring whether you can borrow or rent them.

But keep in mind that while DIY saves money hiring professional help often results in a better finish.

Saving Money

In the realm of home renovations it is quite common to seek methods of saving money without compromising on quality craftsmanship. Fortunately there are a few tactics that can be applied to the cost to skim coat walls.

One of the easiest ways to save money is by installing new drywall. This would ensure that gaps are minimized.

Gaps in the structure can lead to higher costs in drywall skimming as they would require more drywall compound and labor to address.

Renting or borrowing tools is another avenue to consider. Specialty tools like a mixer attachment for a drill to mix texturing compound a drywall mud pan sanding sponges a sanding pole an edge brush and a paint roller extension pole might not be needed repeatedly.

Hence renting or borrowing could be more cost-efficient.

For labor hiring a drywall finisher might cost $50 to $100 per hour with an average project consuming four to five hours. Hence by controlling labor costs one can manage their skim coating budget effectively.


What does skim coating cost?

The cost to skim coat walls usually starts at $0.95 – $1.35 per square foot. This includes labor materials and equipment acquisition.

Are there additional costs?

Yes this estimate does not include costs for removing or modifying existing frameworks or structures. The general contractor overhead and markup can increase the total cost by 13% to 22%.

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Do I need any permits or inspections?

Depending on your local building department permit or inspection fees may be required.

Is these estimates accurate?

The cost estimate is based on current unit costs and may vary depending on the location and specific project needs. It’s recommended to get written quotes from trade professionals for more accurate estimates.

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