Cost To Stay In A Hotel For 3 Months?


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Have you ever wondered about the cost to stay in a hotel for 3 months?

This is a question often contemplated by people planning extended stays for various reasons.

Whether it’s a long vacation a business trip or temporary displacement calculating this cost can be tricky.

It involves more than just multiplying the nightly rate by the number of days.

So what exactly impacts these costs and how can it be accurately calculated?

Cost To Stay In A Hotel For 3 Months?

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Cost For 3 Months

When planning a stay in a hotel for 3 months the cost can greatly vary. It should be anywhere from around $1163.12 to $4359.60 on average.

These prices however depend on many variables including location type of property and hotel brand. It’s best to conduct thorough research to get an accurate idea.

To get the best deal consider interacting directly with the hotel. This is because booking online for more than a month is rarely possible.

Contacting the property manager or sales manager might therefore yield better rates or special deals for your extended stay.

Extended Stay Hotel Rates

Extended stay hotels are designed for travelers planning a stay for weeks or even months. These properties often come equipped with kitchenettes laundry services and other necessities for long-term living.

The cost for such a stay can vary greatly.

There are several extended-stay properties to choose from. These include brands such Residence Inn by Marriott Extended Stay America Homewood Suites by Hilton Staybridge Suites by IHG and others.

These typically offer better rates for prolonged stays.

Keep in mind however costs vary and the location plays a huge part in the pricing. To illustrate staying at a hotel in a major city like Toronto will likely be more expensive than a rural location.

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Therefore it’s crucial to consider these factors when planning for a stay.

Savings And Expenses

Saving money on a hotel stay for 3 months requires a clear understanding of the costs involved. Aside from the nightly rate consider the following expenses:

  • Breakfast: Not all hotels offer free breakfast. You might spend on cereals yogurt bagels muffin or coffee.
  • Laundry: Extended stay properties like WoodSpring Hawthorn Suites or Candlewood Suites might have washer/dryers. Otherwise factor in laundry costs.
  • Kitchen necessities: Some hotels provide kitchenettes with cookware but you may need to buy paper plates coffee or even lysol wipes.
  • Personal Items: Considering the long stay you might purchase additional toiletries bedding or towels.

Discounted Prices

Getting a better rate for your extended stay might be achievable by directly contacting the extended stay sales manager of the hotel instead of booking online. Especially for hotel chains like Marriott Hyatt IHG Hilton and more.

Companies such as Blueground offer monthly furnished apartments. For example One King West Hotel and Residence in Toronto gives options with kitchenettes and washer/dryers.

Brands Estimated Costs (USD per Month)
Hyatt House $1600
WoodSpring $1163.12
Hilton Aspire credit card $4382.85
One King West Hotel and Residence Toronto $2800+

Hotel brands in different geographical locations would lead to various costs. You can often expect to find discounted rates for long-term stays or for specific events.

Elite status in the hotel loyalty program such as Hilton’s or Marriott’s can provide additional savings with benefits like free nights points earnings and more. You can also use the best travel credit cards to earn cashback or rebate on your booking.

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Monthly Hotel Expenses

When planning to spend 3 months in a hotel you should consider all possible costs. Main factors to pay attention to are the price of the room and additional costs such as breakfast laundry and kitchen necessities.

Brand and geographical location are significant variables when determining the monthly cost. Affordable options such as Extended Stay America or Motel 6 start their pricing around $1600 per month.

On the other end of the spectrum luxury brands like Marriott and Hilton come with a higher price tag usually above $2800 per month.

How To Get the Best Deal?

Discounted rates may apply for long-term stays. Therefore consider booking directly with the hotel or through the brand’s hotel loyalty program.

This can often yield a better rate than online booking platforms.

If your hotel brand has a co-branded hotel credit card like the Hilton Aspire credit card you can consider applying for it. Besides the bonus earning rate the other benefits such as free nights or elite status could save more money than the annual fee cost.

An alternative to a traditional hotel for an extended stay is the service apartment Companies like Blueground offer fully furnished apartments on a monthly basis. Similarly One King West Hotel and Residence in Toronto includes kitchenettes and washer/dryers providing a more homely living arrangement.

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