Every contractor and custom home builder I’ve every dealt with wants to give their clients a perfect custom home build. They long for the reaction Isidore or Miletus got when he presented the Emperor with the Hagia Sophia. “Solomon I have exceeded you!” the emperor exclaimed, referring to the grandeur of Solomon’s temple, with the inference the building he commissioned exceeded even that. Though they may not be building a stunning temple with an impossible dome, that is the reaction contractors and custom home builders want from their clients. Contractors and home builders want their clients to be amazed and dazzled beyond their wildest dreams.

Custom Home Build Perfection

Custom home builders and contractors do their best to please their clients and to ultimately product the best custom home build possible. From the first meeting they try to glean exactly what the client wants. They welcome any sort of photos, drawings, floor plan sketches, architectural renderings, collages or notes that would help them discern your tastes and preferences. Your contractor or home builder wants to understand exactly what you want. It is important to them to get a very clear picture of your ultimate desire.

Home builders, contractors, designers, and architects work together to discover what you really want, and balance that with what you can afford, and what is practically possible. While they may not be able to give you a stained glass dome the size of a football field, they want to present something just as spectacular, which may meet and exceed your dream home goals.

Custom Home Build Perfection: How it Works

In the first meeting with a designer you will be asked detailed questions about the style, dimensions, and overall features of your home. At subsequent meetings you will be asked to refine your choices to involve more and more details until the final product can be drawn and pictured. Often designers will provide renderings or pictures so that you will be able to see what your selections will look like together.

Even after the contract is signed and the money transferred to the builder, there are so many small decisions that will have to be made on details of the home. Decisions already made will be revisited to make sure that the clients are getting the home they envisioned. The home builder or contractor wants to please the client and will work hard to deliver everything that was promised. The goal is always to exceed expectations while giving the client exactly what they desire.

You will meet with the contractors or home builders many times during this process but at minimum, you will have a first meeting, a home selection and design meeting, a contract signing, a meeting to go over the entire process again and make sure that all decisions are finalized, and a pre-construction meeting, all before any construction even starts. This is because when the home is delivered completed the home builder or contractor wants you to be thrilled with the perfection of your custom home build.

I hope you found this article useful. I strongly recommend you get as educated as you can on custom home building. Download the free New Home Steps Guide above and become smart on home building from start to finish. Let me know if you have any questions.

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