When you visit your home builder or contractor they will show you a custom home builder selection sheet. You will use the sheet to choose paint, floor coverings, cabinets, drawer pulls, countertops, appliances and everything else that will be a part of your home.

Custom Home Builder Selection Sheet: Choosing How Much Uniformity You Desire

As you can imagine, this is a very long list and you can use it as a general template. Even home builders find it difficult to assemble and perfect their selection lists. Often it becomes a headache when too many variations are involved, plus it makes a home look choppy to use many different colors of floor coverings, and paint. Home builders will often encourage home buyers to choose only two or at most three different types of carpet for the entire home, and only a few paint colors. This is not only cheaper for them, it often looks nicer. Still, not everyone one wants to live in a sea of beige carpet and off white walls. Some homeowners prefer more character and individuality, especially in the children’s bedrooms. Adding accents of color certainly doesn’t harm the beauty, but too much diversity between rooms can be unsettling.

Custom Home Builder Selection Sheet: A typical Selection Sheet Template List

• Brick, Stone or other Siding Materials
• Windows
• Exterior Doors and Hardware
• Interior Doors
• Exterior Paint Colors
• Interior Paint colors
• Cabinetry
• Countertops
• Interior Doors
• Trim
• Flooring
• Plumbing Fixtures
• Light Fixtures
• Fireplace bricks
• Wall Paper
• Appliances

Custom Home Builder Selection Sheet: Special Requests that Are Not on the List

If there is something you want, that is not on the list of choices bring it up to the contractor to find out if he can obtain it. This may be true of specialized restaurant grade appliances, unique sinks made of copper or ceramic, or possibly a specific bath fixture you prefer. These may cost extra, but if you want them, go ahead and ask.

Custom Home Builder Selection Sheet: Complete the Selection Sheet in a Timely Fashion

While you may want to consider these things, and it is important to get what you want, you should already have a general plan, from completing the planning part of your journal. Stick to the plan, and make sure your selections reflect the general feel and spirit of the home. Don’t waste the builder’s time with indecisiveness. Decide in a matter of days on all the specs. Some home builders will not begin construction before having the selection sheet completed. Even if your builder offers to be flexible, dragging your feet on selections can stall construction, and lead to confusion. If you do not want to postpone completion because the drawer pulls are wrong, be sure to make up your mind in a timely way, and stick to it. By completing your custom home builder selection sheet, you are setting the pace for construction.