Of all the different types of construction businesses, custom home building is one of the most creatively rewarding. While each classification of home builders have their challenges and rewards, custom home builders have more opportunities to create unique and exciting new structures, based on their client’s unique needs and desires. The custom home building industry does have some significant variations you should be aware of however.

Custom Home Building Variables

Custom Home Building: Just How Custom Will Your Home Be?
While some custom home builders work with architects to create unique homes based on your rough plans, many custom home builders simply build the same home plans over and over, changing the plan slightly to suit your desires. Still other custom home builders have certified home designers on staff or will build from plans you have purchased from an architect or from plans you select from the hundreds of thousands of home plans available online and in magazines. A visit to the company website usually answers the question of how much you may be able to customize homes by this home builder.

Custom Home Building: Architectural Significance

Any unique home has at least some architectural significance, because it is not a copy of another home. Just how much architectural significance your home has depends on the skill of the builder, and the talents of the architect. It also depends on just how different the homes is, while still being aesthetically pleasing. New and unique styles may be artistically and even financially risky, if you hope to resell, but they definitely lend to the ideals of a true custom home.

Custom Home Building: Building on Your own Land or Lot

Some subdivisions or communities are restricted to the work of one builder, who creates only a selected number of different basic home plans and styles, which are designed to blend into a homogeneous neighborhood of houses. These communities are not generally open to truly custom homes, although they do offer some options for variations in the interior floor plans. Most subdivisions have restrictions that can pose problems for people who want a unique structure. In general, a truly unique home of architectural significance may not belong in a subdivision and would be better showcased on a large lot, or tract of acreage.

Custom Home Building: Quality of Construction

Technically any size and quality of home can be a custom home. There are luxury custom homes, and by definition a true luxury home is always a custom home, since it should have architectural significance and be unique from all other homes. There are also quality custom homes, which come in all levels of uniqueness. By using a small independent builder, you can even create a budget custom home, if you select an existing home plan and adapt it to suit your needs.

Custom Home Building: Custom Homes on a Budget

Affordable and budget homes can certainly be customized as easily as more expensive homes. By finding a small home plan on line, which suits your needs, and there are thousands to choose from, you can at least get a home which is unique to your area. Most small home builders are more than eager to build your home, to your specifications on your lot. If you have your home built to a shell, and complete the work yourself, it will be uniquely yours, and a one of a kind in most ways.

Custom home building is something that can be done on any budget. Builders who advertise custom home building are not all the same, and some builders who don’t mention custom building services in their ads, will be willing to build a custom home on your lot. For more information on custom home building please download our 98 page book and read the many other articles on this site.

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