Which type of custom home building help you need will depend greatly on your budget. Great homes can be built for a lot less than one would expect, but the project demands much more of the home owner’s time and effort. In general money and work are interchangeable so that the more work you put into the project the less it costs.

Custom Home Building Help: Planning and Dreaming

Both low and high budget homes require planning. In both cases you should start a home building journal, which will contain your ideas, your plans, your contractor bids, and lists of all the materials selected for your home.

The first step is to create a visual brainstorm file, full of pictures plans and ideas you and your family have gathered from the internet and magazines. Each family member should contribute ideas to the file, in order to have input into the home design.

Custom Home Building Help: Research

Both low and high budget prospective home buyers should research building materials and techniques. Energy efficiency should be a major concern no matter what the budget so be sure to learn about new energy efficient materials. For more information download our free 98 page free guide at the top right of this page, and read through our articles.

Use your ideas and research to create a detailed plan of exactly what you want. Be sure to include all family members’ ideas in the plans, and carefully consider the number of rooms, floor plans and the kitchen layout. Consider standard furniture sizes when planning your home. Make sure that your dining room will fit a dining room table and chairs comfortably, and that your tentative floor plan has just the right amount of space in each room.

Custom Home Building Help: Building a Luxury Custom Home with a Huge Budget

Your next step will be to find a talented architect or custom home building designer. A luxury home must have architectural significance, easily recognizable and distinct from any other home. For this reason you will need an architect to design your custom luxury home. Your architect will combine your ideas and needs with his creative genius to make detailed house plans. The architect may recommend a builder, or you may choose one who normally builds true luxury homes.

One of the biggest risks in building a home with a huge budget is being scammed. Be sure to investigate your builders carefully, and check on your building site on a weekly basis. Never ever sign an arbitration agreement, and stay aware of what is going on, at your home building site. Stay involved in your home building project. Insure that everything is being done according to your wishes, with frequent inspections of the job site.

Even if you have a large budget be sure to learn about construction, and do all the planning steps to insure that you will have the home you want. Just pouring money into a project does not insure quality. Careful planning, hiring the right contractor, and inspecting every step of construction is the best way to assure your home’s quality and durability.

Custom Home Building Help: How to Build a High Quality Custom Home with a Tiny Budget

Hard work and creativity are often a more than adequate substitute for money. Spend time researching alternative building materials, especially various types of structural insulated panels, and especially concrete insulated panels since they are so energy efficient. You might also consider working with used shipping containers. Be sure to research affordable green housing. These kinds of articles should spur your creativity. Next check your local building codes to learn how much you can get away with, when it comes to alternative materials. Salvaged materials, and flea market finds can also save you a bundle on interior materials.

Another choice for home builders on a budget is a shell home. The plan is for the building contractor or home builder to get the project under roof, and the exterior walls up, and then turn the project over to the home buyers. Being responsible for finishing the interior of the home, saves an enormous amount of money, and allows you to add improvements and finish rooms as you need them, and can afford them.

Some people on tight budgets choose to be their own general contractors, and hire other contractors, specific to each job. This can be a lot of work and may interfere with your regular job. However there is money to be saved by doing this job yourself. You can expect to save about 30 percent of your building costs by being your own general contractor, if your lending institution and local housing code inspectors will accept your proposal to do this.

Whether you meet your home building needs with money or a combination of creativity and hard work, you can have a great that you can be proud of. Low budget homes do not have to be cookie-cutter “budget homes.” In fact you will get a lot more home for your money, if you choose to do some of the work yourself, keep your home small and focus on quality. Homes with big budgets should also consider trimming the size a bit. Huge homes are out of fashion, and so it’s best to avoid wasted space, and develop creative and functional home plans. Custom home building help is available no matter what your price range.

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