In this article I have created a custom home building tip list. These tips will help you stay organized and avoid getting overloaded and frustrated when building your new custom home. Let’s go ahead and jump right into the tips.

Here Are The Custom home building Tips

Custom Home Building Tips One: Create a home building Journal
The best custom home building tip I can offer is to create a home building diary, journal or scrap book. The style of this book varies from one client to the next but I have seen some spectacular ones over the years. Sometimes they grow into a home building library. The journal should be started as soon as possible. This journal can be partially created on a computer, but be sure you take a notebook to take notes when you visit your contractor or designer, as well as a copy of computer generated materials.

Custom Home Building Tips Two: Use Your Journal to Demonstrate What You Want
Keep notes about everything you want in your new home. Specify things you want and things you don’t want. When you see pictures in magazines or on line, put a copy in your journal. Make sketches if it helps or just cut out pictures. One idea is to do Google image searches and copy paste the ones you want onto a word document. Draw possible floor plans, clip floor plans you like to paste in. If you are good with some sort of designing software don’t be afraid to create designs in those programs.

Custom Home Building Tips Three: Use Your Journal to Keep Accurate Notes of Meetings
When meeting with custom new home builders and contractors write down everything that was discussed and make a special note on everything that was agreed upon. If there are samples or swatches of material, then put those in the journal as well, and make a note of the name and order number for each material you are considering, and a special note when one is decided on. Be sure to share this journal with the contractor or home builder. Don’t feel you are boring them, they really do benefit from seeing them.

Once the contract is signed, keep track of changes write down everything that is added, and especially everything you subtracted. Be sure to make a note of changes in styles of flooring, wall paper and etc. Be sure to write down names and numbers associated with that product, and either a sample, or a notation of color and appearance.

Custom Home Building Tips Four: Do not be Fooled by Glitz, Fluff or Shiny Stuff
When deciding on a contractor or home builder, go out and examine some of the homes they have built. Really look at the structure of the house. Look under the house and take a look at the attic as well if possible. Get a look at ongoing construction if possible, and take notice of the lumber grades thicknesses and quality. Don’t be fooled by a fancy trimmings look at the real house, and the same goes as your home as being built.

Custom Home Building Tips Five: Insist On a Home That is Built to Last
A custom home should be built to last for hundreds of years, and with the right materials it will survive through generations of use. If the building materials are substandard not only will it not last, but within the first five years problems will become apparent, like sagging or squeaky floors, or excessive storm damage from high winds while other homes stand without problems. Décor does little to make up for poor constructions. Make sure your custom home is being built to last by specifying the grades and thicknesses of building materials you require. Hopefully these custom home building tip will serve you well, and helping you plan and build a custom home your grandchildren could grow old in.

Custom Home Building Tips Overview:

1. Create a custom home building Journal as soon as possible.
2. Keep notes about everything you want in your new custom home in the Journal.
3. Use the Journal to keep accurate notes on meeting you have with custom home builders or contractors and anyone else you talk to regarding your custom home.
4. When deciding on a contractor or custom home builder, go out and examine some of the homes they have built.
5. Insist on a custom home that built to last.
6. Learn more tips about the custom home building process by downloading the free New Home Steps Guide above and become savvy on building a custom home building from start to finish. In a sense you could use it as part of your Journal.

If you have any questions about any of these custom home building tips or building a new custom home do not hesitate to ask me.

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