Custom home building is one of the most exciting undertakings one can take. Home builders work with architects to create your dream home, just as you have always pictured it. Of course there are challenges and pitfalls all along the way, but for a price, a skilled custom home building builder can build the house which up till now has existed only in your imagination.

Custom Home Building – Building a Unique Home

Custom Home Building: Design
Work through your custom home building design idea as thoroughly as possible before seeking a custom home builder or architect. Remember to make your design attractive and practical as well as unique. Draw sketches of the plans and elevations, and then simulate them using various home design software. Find a program which can create simulations of people living in the home to see any design flaws that you may have missed. For tips on building practical and energy efficient homes that work, see the other articles on this site, and download our free 98 page book on home planning.

Custom Home Building: Materials

Take time to research materials to learn about their energy efficiency and flexibility in design applications. It might interest you to know that insulated concrete panels come in curved panels to create round towers, arc shaped bay windows and round corners. There are many exciting new developments in materials, featuring added durability and better insulation qualities than ever before in history.

Custom Home Building: Architects and Home Builders

Whether you choose an architect or a custom home builder first depends on your budget. If your budget is a bit tight, and you want to save on architect fees, go to the custom home builder first. It’s possible that he can offer you the services of an architect more reasonably. If your budget is larger, and you would consider this home a luxury home, you should probably start searching for a fabulous architect. One way to save on architect fees is to present your project to a college of architecture, and ask one of their professors to recommend young architects, with promise, who have not had time to build a reputation yet.

When seeking a custom home builder it pays to look for the best reputation. First collect a list of custom home builders in your area, use the phone listings, or ask your local home builder’s association for a list. Ask several local Realtors, loan officers, professional home appraisers, real estate attorneys, and other building related professionals to recommend a custom home builder or contractor to build your custom home. See which names come up most frequently, and then do a Google search local custom home builders you are considering, to verify that they do not have a lot of complaints or disgruntled former clients. Find out as much about local custom home builders and contractors as possible before choosing three to six of them to visit first.

Work with your custom home builder and/or architect to hone your custom home building design into a workable house plan. Make sure that your home will be unique in expressing the feel of your family and reflect your way of life. It is important that the home be not only beautiful but practical and that it will be uniquely designed to meet the needs of your family. Choose the luxuries that are important to you, and leave out the ones you don’t care about. Determine your layout based on what you and your family like. Custom home building is the art of creating a space that is perfect for you and your family.

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