A good way to explore custom home possibilities and cost is by looking at homes that match the style and size of the home you plan on building and getting statistics on price and square footage. As it stands now, the average custom home cost per square foot in the United States is between $70 to $230 depending on size, location, materials and labor. Remember to deduct the land value and developer’s costs, and look in areas comparable to where you hope to build. In general, the closer to metropolitan areas, the more you should plan on spending.

Custom Home Cost Per Square Foot Additional Factors

A custom home cost per square foot is going vary greatly according to the builders or contractor costs. It also varies by the type of materials the builder or contractor puts into the home and the shape of the home.

One thing to think about is a custom home cost per square foot does not have to reflect the finished product. A lot of people build homes with room to expand later. So, including outdoor decks or patios that can be converted later, or simply leaving extra land for development, can give you room to grow. Also your square footage will be limited depending on where you choose to build, your municipalities building code will set limits on lot size, height and the square footage to lot ratio, so your costs will be predetermined.

While reselling your home is probably the furthest thing from your mind, when you’re starting from scratch it’s something to think about. You want your custom home cost per square foot to translate into the highest resale numbers possible, so think about style. You may want a home that is highly individualized and distinctive, but it may also be harder to sell. Let’s recap…

Custom Home Cost Per Square Foot Overview:

1 View custom homes that match what you’re looking to build to get an idea of cost per square foot in your area.
2. Custom home cost per square foot varies based on the builder, size, materials, shape and location.
3. You don’t have to build everything from the get go.
4. Think about resell when doing your cost per square foot calculations.
5. Learn more about custom homes and cost per square foot by downloading the free new home Steps Guide above and become savvy on custom home building from start to finish.

I hope this helps you. Good luck building your custom home.

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