Going over a custom house building checklist will help insure that you get the home your family wants. Building a custom home is one of the most exciting things a family can do, but what happens when families are disappointed by the results. Here are a few ways to insure satisfaction.

Custom House Building Checklist Satisfaction List

Learn about:
o Building contractors in your area
o Lot grading
o Pouring concrete
o Foundations and what is appropriate for your area
o Basements, crawl spaces and slabs
o The Framing Process
o Studs and floor joists
o Rafters vs. roof trusses
o Different types of plywood used in sheathing
o Different types of siding
o Architectural styles
o Insulated concrete panels
o Structural insulated panels
o Ferro cement
o Insulation types and R- values
o Radiant barrier insulation
o Closed cell insulation
o R-values – What do they mean?
o Types of windows and doors and their R-values
o Energy efficient home plans
o Solar Energy
o Passive Solar
o Alternative green construction
o House paint interior and exterior
o Modular Homes
o Built in Storage
o Modern trends in housing
o The history of home construction
o The soil and climate of your area in relation to construction
o Why homes in your area are different than homes in other climates

Custom House Building Checklist: Decide Exactly What You Want

o Floor joist dimensions and spacing
o Wall stud specifications
o Plywood sheathing for walls
o Plywood sheathing for the roof
o Exterior siding choice
o Exterior style and appearance
o Type and quality of roofing materials
o Room sizes and dimensions that accommodate standard furniture
o A rough floor plan
o R-value of insulation
o Counter top material and color
o Cabinetry type and style

Custom House Building Checklist: Selecting a Contractor

o Has a great reputation
o Has been in business for more than five years
o Has no a serious complaint or lawsuit against him on line or in the community
o Has built homes like the one you want to build
o Has built home which you have seen and like
o Builds homes that stand the test of time
o Is recommended by local Realtors, sub-contractors and loan officers
o Offers a warranty
o Is Insured
o Hires a competent crew and reputable licensed subcontractors
o Does not require you to sign an arbitration clause
o Is easy to contact and easy to talk to

Once you have researched building materials and techniques very thoroughly, decide exactly what you want. Research homebuilders in your area, and narrow your choices to between three and six contractors. Visit each contractor you are considering to describe your projects, and have each draw up an estimate. Keep bids fair by staying consistent with your plans once you have made them. If you need to make a change, make sure that all the home builders you have given an opportunity to bid on your home are informed of your changes in plans.

Consider more factors than just the bottom line costs when choosing a contractor. Reputation and reliability are much more important than price. Keep costs down by building a smaller house and more efficient design, but do not try to save money by using a contractor you can’t trust. Whether you choose a huge corporation, a well known local builder or just four skilled carpenters, a plumber and an electrician to build your home, be sure that everyone involved is worthy of your trust. The real purpose of a custom home building checklist is to remind you of things you should know before building a custom home.

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