Disadvantages Of Living In Arkansas


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Living in any state comes with its ups and downs and Arkansas is no exception.

In this article we delve into the disadvantages of living in Arkansas and discuss matters such as high sales tax lackluster healthcare scores and a high poverty rate.

In essence understanding these issues could provide a springboard for improvement in these areas and promote a more suitable living environment for all.

Can the ‘Natural State’ overcome these challenges and offer a truly remarkable living experience?

Let’s see.

Disadvantages Of Living In Arkansas

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High Sales Taxes

One significant disadvantage of living in Arkansas is the high sales tax. While the cost of living in this state is low the sales tax rates can reach up to 10% on purchases outweighing the benefits of the affordable lifestyle.

This high sales tax drastically impacts residents’ purchasing power and quality of life.

With Arkansas having lower income average compared to other states the high sales tax can potentially impose an added financial burden on the residents particularly those living under the poverty line.

High Crime Rate

Another significant disadvantage of living in Arkansas is the high crime rates. The state tends to experience rates of violent and property crimes higher than the U.S. median.

These concerns enhance the disadvantages of living in Arkansas.

  • Living in Arkansas particularly the urban areas residents might have to ensure proper and regular security measures.
  • High crime rates can also impact property values in the area affecting homeowners and real estate investors negatively.

Poor Education System

One of the notable disadvantages of living in Arkansas is its underperforming educational system. Particularly K-12 schools in the state rank poorly placing 41st in the nation.

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The education system is grappling with issues of underfunding and political interference creating significant disadvantages for residents.

Despite offering robust higher education options with world-class state universities like the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University families seeking quality K-12 schools might find challenges in this state.

Wildlife & Mosquitoes

Wildlife might offer an enticing charm for outdoor enthusiasts but it can also pose some challenges. Venomous snakes can be a major concern for residents.

Apart from the wildlife Arkansas’ mosquitos are infamous for their size and the nuisance they create. Living in Arkansas especially during the warmer months means living in constant combat with these pesky insects a definite disadvantage for prospective residents.

Despite boasting an array of outdoor activities and beautiful weather for most parts of the year these wildlife related issues can unfortunately put a damper on outdoor enjoyment and are worth considering when pondering the disadvantages of living in Arkansas.

Limited Urban Life

One of the disadvantages of living in Arkansas is the limited urban life. While Arkansas boasts of quaint small-town charm residents seeking a bigger city vibe may find options narrowed down to Little Rock and Fayetteville.

These are centrally located cities yet the lifestyle may not tally with what large metropolises like Dallas or Memphis offer.

Low Racial Diversity

Another factor contributing to limited urban life in Arkansas is the challenge of low racial diversity. This lack may restrict cultural exposure and inclusivity compared to more diverse states.

High Sales Taxes

A noteworthy concern for urban dwellers would be Arkansas’s high sales taxes. While Arkansas offers a lower cost of living the state compensates with almost 10% sales taxes on purchases which could impact overall living costs.

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Lacking Healthcare Scores

The healthcare system in Arkansas is unfortunately accompanied by poor healthcare scores. The state ranks 44th in overall healthcare and is regarded as one of the worst states in quality healthcare delivery.

Healthcare Options

While Arkansas is home to some world-class hospitals the overall healthcare coverage is patchy. Rural areas particularly suffer from lack of accessible healthcare facilities and services.

Obesity and Health Concerns

Arkansas also struggles with high obesity rates indicating a broad disconnect in encouraging and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Health concerns like obesity and related complications further tax the healthcare system.

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