Disney Wonder Cost To Build


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Ever wondered about the cost to build the Disney Wonder?

It’s a question many Disney lovers and cruise enthusiasts alike have pondered.

In the magical world of Disney where dreams come true the magnificent Disney Wonder sets sail captivating hearts with its enchanting beauty.But what’s the price behind this magic?

Well you might be in for a surprise.The investment behind this majestic ship may just leave you in awe.

Disney Wonder Cost To Build

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Disney Wonder Construction Cost

The Disney Wonder owned by The Walt Disney Company reportedly cost approximately $400 million to build. This expenditure reflects the ship’s size which is about 83000 gross tons and its length which measures 964 feet.

The cost also covered the sumptuous amenities onboard including a variety of dining options a spa a fitness center pools and various entertainment venues. Notably Disney Wonder underwent significant refurbishment in 2016 adding new restaurants and entertainment areas to its offering.

Disney Wonder Shipyard Details

The Disney Wonder was constructed at the esteemed Fincantieri Marghera shipyard in Italy known for its high-quality work on luxury cruise ships. The construction process was completed in 1999.

It was designed with a Disney-themed decor to provide a unique cruising experience boasting a capacity of about 2400 passengers and a crew size of 945. The ship continues to offer a range of itineraries from the Bahamas and the Caribbean to Alaskan cruises.

Disney Wonder Specifications

The Disney Wonder is a spectacular cruise ship that weighs about 83000 gross tons and measures 964 feet in length. This magnificent cruise ship was constructed at the Fincantieri Marghera shipyard in Italy and was completed in 1999 at a cost of approximately $400 million.

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The ship boasts 11 public decks designed in the classic Art Nouveau style with each holding a distinctive Disney-themed wonder. From the dazzling three-story atrium featuring a statue of Ariel to Mickey Mouse adorned on the ship’s stern Disney Wonder exudes an enchanting vibe.

Disney Wonder Passenger Capacity

The Disney Wonder has the ability to accommodate a passenger volume of approximately 2400 people comfortably. In addition the ship has a crew capacity of around 945 ensuring efficient and top-notch service for guests throughout their Disney adventure.

The passengers can enjoy a number of magical experiences on board including the Animator’s Palate Broadway-style shows and dining setups that rotate to provide a range of culinary delights. There are also various staterooms to accommodate different guest preferences.

Moreover the Disney Wonder offers various itineraries like the Bahamas Caribbean and Alaskan cruises proving both delightful and memorable experiences for families as well as Disney enthusiasts.

Disney Wonder Refurbishment Details

Disney Wonder constructed by Fincantieri shipyard in Italy and unveiled in 1999 underwent a significant enhancement in 2016. This refurbishment aimed to provide an improved Disney Cruise Line experience to all its passengers encompassing adult-only children and Disney-themed parties.

The refurbishment brought about several changes in amenities and recreation facilities on the ship. Some of the most significant alterations took place in its dining room and Animator’s Palate.

The changes brought an Art Deco style and an Art Nouveau style to different sections of the ship augmenting its aesthetic appeal.

One of the major additions during the refurbishment was Tiana’s Place a restaurant inspired by the film “The Princess and the Frog”. The dining setup of the Disney Wonder also included a restaurant called “Palo” offering a luxurious adults-only space with food influenced by Italian cuisine.

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The ship’s famous rotational dining setup where guests experience multiple themed restaurants throughout their cruise was enhanced.

Further changes including the introduction of Marvel experiences in the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab were made. Edge and Vibe two clubs designed for teen passengers were revamped.

Adult-specific enhancements were also part of the refurbishment with addition to lounges and night clubs.

Other modifications included accommodation enhancements spa gym and poolside bar upgrades the addition of an LED screen in the ship’s Funnel Vision and accompanying changes to the movie offerings at the Walt Disney Theater and Buena Vista movie theater.

The 2016 Disney Wonder refurbishment aimed to retain the ship’s appeal and ensure it offers a high-quality all-included Disney Resort experience onboard keeping the looming difficulty from the COVID-19 pandemic in sight. Official information on DisneyParks.com and DisneyDining.com can reveal further about the refurbishment.

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