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Have you ever wondered about the cost of building an earthship?

These environmentally-friendly self-sufficient homes are increasingly gaining attention across the globe.

However many are intrigued by their unique construction and intrigued by what the expense might be.

So does sustainable living equate with astronomical costs?

Earthship Cost

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Earthship Cost Breakdown

The cost of building an Earthship varies greatly primarily determined by factors such as size desired self-sustainability and the extent of self-building used. A typical Earthship in Taos New Mexico might cost you $225 per square foot according to the Earthship Biotecture while a traditional house in the US averages around $150 per square foot.

If you intend to build in locations with low light levels like Alaska you may incur additional costs for solar batteries. Meanwhile a study from indicated the average resale cost of an Earthship is only $191 per square foot.

Hence if you decide to sell you could potentially stand to lose up to $34 per square foot. One way to mitigate this loss is to ensure your Earthship has a well-devised floor plan and high attention to detail.

  • Materials costs
  • Labor costs
  • System costs

The full out global model can set you back around $150000 while a simpler version focusing on survival only can be created at a fraction of the cost.

Earthship Pricing

Based on historical data provided by Archinia and Ministry of Architecture you could plan to build your own Earthship for anywhere between $7000 and $70000. This figure factors in the cost of sourcing and buying materials potential labor costs if outsourcing to a builder or contracting help and the price of installing necessary systems to ensure your Earthship is fully functional and meets your lifestyle needs.

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While the cost to build an Earthship may seem steep in some regards it’s worth noting this form of construction is often cheaper than conventional building methods. These cost savings are largely due to the principles of Earthship construction which emphasize the use of recycled materials wherever possible reducing the price of materials.

Cost Factors For Earthships

Several factors heavily influence the cost of constructing an Earthship. Among these factors are the size and a builder’s willingness to undertake a significant portion of the construction independently.

One considerable cost factor is the choice of materials. Resourced from recycling or the landfill this can greatly reduce the cost.

  • Archinia and Ministry of Architecture advise that material costs can greatly fluctuate.
  • Materials such as concrete can contribute to greenhouse gases.
  • Building in arid environments may require additional materials for rainwater collection.

If you choose to hire contractors or planners the total cost of the Earthship increases significantly.

System costs also form a significant part of the budget. These include geothermal heat and solar batteries especially for locations with low light levels like Alaska.

Lastly compliance with building codes might impose extra costs.

Average Cost Of Earthship

Website estimates the cost of an Earthship in Taos New Mexico to be around $225 per square foot.

This contrasts with the cost of constructing a traditional home in the US which typically averages around $150 per square foot.

Builders who resell their Earthship could potentially incur a net loss of up to $34 per square foot.

The costs can range from as low as $7000 for a simple survival version to as high as $70000 for the full global model of an Earthship.

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The most extravagant homes have reached $150000 although the cheapest Earthship ever built cost no more than a few hundred dollars.

Costs vary greatly depending on the materials mode and scale of construction systems installed and the approach to self-sustainability.

Cost Comparison: Earthship Vs Traditional House

When estimating the earthship cost it’s crucial to examine the comparison with a traditional house. Based on the size and level of self-building constructing an Earthship varies in costs.

A standard Earthship in Taos New Mexico has a cost of around $225 per square foot. Comparatively the average cost of a conventional home in the US is around $150 per square foot.

Extra costs may be incurred for locations with lower light levels like in Alaska where solar batteries are required. A study by pointed out that the average resale cost for an Earthship is $191 per square foot a potential net loss for builders choosing to resell their Earthship.

However loss mitigation can be achieved through a well-designed floor plan and meticulous detailing.

Building an Earthship can range from $7000 to as high as $70000 depending on the model. The cost can go higher when calling in professionals such as contractors and planners.

Despite these costs building an Earthship is typically cheaper than utilizing traditional building methods.

The total cost can be broken down into three categories: materials labor and systems. For example the full-out global model Earthship Biotecture generally costs around $150000.

However there are more affordable options such as the simple survival version. The cheapest model ever built amounted to hundreds showcasing the variability in Earthship costs.

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