Eiffel Tower Cost To Build


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Ever wondered about the Eiffel Tower cost to build?

It’s a question that piques the interest of many.

After all it’s not just any structure but one of the most iconic landmarks in the world.

Standing as a symbol of France’s ingenuity and elegance its creation story is as captivating as the structure itself.

But behind its beauty there’s a tale of cost labor and engineering brilliance.

However could one possibly guess how much budget got soaked into making this wonder a reality?

Eiffel Tower Cost To Build

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Eiffel Tower Construction

The monumental Eiffel Tower an iconic symbol of Paris rose to its full height of 300m on August 31 1889. It was constructed using 18038 pieces of puddle iron all assembled by meticulously planned cranes and engineered connections to create a robust structure capable of withstanding tremendous forces from wind or atmospherics absorptions of radiations.

The construction of the Eiffel Tower was an engineering marvel of the 19th century that was orchestrated by Gustave Eiffel with the help of his gifted engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier and architect Stephen Sauvestre.

The construction unfolded in two primary phases- the building of foundations and pedestals followed by erecting the metal structure above. Despite the enormous task the construction was particularly smooth with no loss of life among the workforce a testament to the careful planning safety measures and skilled workmen involved in the project.

Cost Breakdown

The Eiffel Tower’s construction swallowed around 8 million francs- a staggering sum considering the finances of the end of the 19th century. This entire expenditure was disbursed across various aspects of the massive project.

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The primary cost factors comprised the 6630000 francs for civil engineering tasks which included the foundations and masonry and 3132000 francs allocated to the procurement and assembly of structural iron.

Other significant expenses were tied to the installation of four operating elevators- a colossal task that added about 782000 francs to the grand total. The project’s general expenses of operation management and miscellaneous needs were another chunk of expenditure amounting to 255000 francs.

And let’s not forget the 366000 francs set aside for ‘imponderabilities’ – unexpected costs contingency.

Visitors’ Expenses

As a top attraction visiting the Eiffel Tower comes with some expenses. Tickets for the elevators that bring visitors to the various floors cost between 4.80 to 12.0 Euros.

For those who prefer to take the stairs the cost is 4.0 Euros.

Queue times can be quite long with it being normal for visitors to wait for up to 2 hours before they can ride the elevator up the 300m tower. As such certain expenses can often arise while waiting such as snacks or drinks.

Tower Attractions

The Eiffel Tower’s many attractions are spread over its pillars 1st floor 2nd floor and 3rd floor. Each has a unique charm and experience to offer.

For instance atop the 3rd floor you’ll find a dizzying view of the Parisian skyline.

There are two restaurants located within the tower; Altitude 95 on the 1st floor and the upscale Le Jules Vernes on the 2nd floor. The prices at these establishments increase with the elevation and making reservations is often encouraged especially during the high season.

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Apart from dining the Eiffel Tower also houses souvenir shops and a post office where you can buy postcards with a special stamp. There is also a free air pressure gauge on the 3rd floor and historical exhibits showcasing the Eiffel Tower’s construction and its role in broadcasting.


The Eiffel Tower isn’t just an iconic fixture in the Parisian skyline; it has inspired numerous copies and replicas across the globe. You might be surprised to find Eiffel Towers in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel Prague’s Petrin Hill China’s Tianducheng or Pattaya’s Mini Siam in Thailand.

Despite their varying sizes these replicas embody the unique design and structural innovation of the original 300m tower. The Czech Republic’s replica on Petrin Hill for instance is a smaller version at 63.5 meters but still provides visitors with a dizzying view of the city below.

In Las Vegas’ Paris Hotel a half-scale 541-foot replica charms tourists and lends an exotic touch to the city’s skyline. In China’s Tianducheng the replica matches the original at 354.1 meters.

Even as these copies and replicas vary in height and surroundings each one captures the spirit and the iconic status of France’s most cherished monument.

Interestingly the trend of creating replicas isn’t limited to the Eiffel Tower alone. Other monuments like the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument have also been replicated.

However even if you put the replica of the Statue of Liberty on top of a replica of Washington Monument they would collectively fall short of the Eiffel Tower replica in Tianducheng China by 200 feet.

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In conclusion though they may look similar every Eiffel Tower replica embraces a unique cultural heritage vividly demonstrates the impact of the original Victorian Structural Expressionist design and provides an enduring tribute to the exceptional genius of Gustave Eiffel.

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