Do you want an energy efficient home? If you’re like many these days you probably are seeking out information on energy efficient home design. A good place to start is to discuss your energy efficiency needs with your home builder. Make sure to be open and honest so your builder can help you design the most energy energy efficiency possible.

Here are a few energy efficient home design ideas you can use as a starting point:

• Ask your home builder what they do to create air barriers in your new home.

• Discuss ventilation with your home builder and ask what strategy they use.

• Choose energy-efficient windows, doors and skylights for your new home.

• Consider a design that maximizes natural lighting in the layout, including tubular skylights.

• For artificial lighting, use new lighting technologies that reduce energy consumption.

• Heating and cooling consume 56% of energy use in a home. Discuss with your home builder technologies to reduce this cost including passive solar, ventilation strategies, evaporating cooling in dry climates, absorption coolers and heat pump systems.

• Select appliances that have ENERGY STAR labels.

• Use trees and other plants to shade your home in the summer, and allow the sun to enter in the winter. Use drought-resistant landscaping, if possible.

These are just a few of the points you should discuss as it relates to creating an energy efficient home design. Your builder will have other energy efficiency ideas and tips for you as well. Be sure to download the free new home Steps Guide above on the right, it’s fantastic and covers everything you need to know about home building.