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Living on a corner lot can be convenient since you have easy access to two streets. But it can also be annoying since you have traffic on two sides.

You also may not have as much privacy as your neighbors. Before you build a fence to fix that, consider if you can build a fence on the corner.

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Can Corner Lots Have Fences?

Corner lots can have fences in most cities, but you could need a permit. Whether or not you need a permit, you’ll probably need to build the fence at least 10 inches from the road. That way, drivers can see others coming.

Consider the steps to build a good fence on the corner lot. And if you can’t, think about some alternatives to get you the privacy you desire.

How to Build a Fence on a Corner Lot

If you live on a corner lot, you should be able to build a fence in most places. But you have some specific steps to follow to make sure your fence won’t break the law.

Here’s what you should do if you want to build a fence on your corner lot.

Research the Rules

First, you’ll want to learn about the rules that your city has in place for corner lot fences. You can look on your city’s website and search for fencing rules and regulations.

Another option is to visit your city hall in person. They should have a print copy of the rules there that you can read if you can’t find them online.

If you have questions, you can also talk to an employee who may have more details. That way, you can make absolutely sure you’ll be able to build the fence you want.

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Check With Your HOA

Before you move on, you may also need to check with your homeowner’s association (HOA). Some HOAs don’t allow corner lots to have fences, even if the city allows it.

In that case, you’d need to find other ways to give yourself privacy at home. But your HOA might not have any rules against a fence on a corner lot.

Survey Your Property

Assuming you can build a fence on your lot, you’ll want to survey the property. Hire a professional who can look for the property lines.

That will help you determine where you can build the fence on the sides that aren’t the corner of a street. You’ll also need to measure the other sides so that you know how far back you have to place the fence.

Obtain a Permit

When you looked at the rules of building a fence, you might have learned if you need a permit or not. If you do, you’ll want to get that permit now.

Return to your city hall and ask for a permit application. You could also need to pay an application fee, so take some money as well.

Fill out the permit application as best as you can. Then, wait for the city to approve or deny your request. If they approve your application, move to the next step.

Choose Your Fence

Now, you get to have some fun and go shopping for the fencing you want. Depending on your city’s rules, you might have to limit your choices.

Corner lot fences usually need to comply with stricter requirements than other fences. Keep the rules in mind when choosing the materials and the height of the fence.

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Once you select the materials you want, you can build the fence yourself. However, it will probably be much easier to hire someone to build the fence.

Typical Corner Fence Requirements

As you shop for fencing, you’ll want to review your city or HOA’s requirements. You can usually expect more rules than your neighbors without corner lots.

Consider the following requirements you may need to follow.

Distance From the Street

Sadly, you can’t build a fence as far out on a corner lot as on a regular lot. In many cases, the fence needs to be multiple feet back from the street. That way, drivers can see each other and help avoid crashes.

If you don’t remember your city’s requirements, ask them before building the fence. It never hurts to be extra careful. And you can always build the fence farther back from the street than the minimum distance.

Shorter Height

You may also need to build a shorter fence compared to your neighbors. Of course, this won’t offer as much privacy, but it can help if you have pets that you want to contain.

Once again, check with your city and HOA about the height requirements. That way, you can get the right fence material for the job.

Fence Alternatives

If you can’t build a fence on your corner lot, you have some options. First, you can plant bamboo, which offers a bit of privacy. You can build the bamboo almost wherever you want on your lot, but you still need to consider visibility for drivers.

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Other options include hedges or stone walls. Those can offer even more privacy than bamboo. But again, you’ll need to consider if drivers can see around the corner.

Can You Build a Fence on a Corner Lot?

You can usually build a fence on a corner lot, but you’ll face strict rules. These fences often need to be far back from the street. They also can’t be too tall. Check with your city and HOA to learn about the rules where you live.