Fence Post Anchors vs. Concrete


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When building a fence, you have to consider how you’ll keep it in place. Fence post anchors and concrete are two popular options for this.

Before you choose one, consider if one is better than the other overall. Then, you can determine if one might work better for your yard.

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Should You Use Fence Post Anchors or Concrete?

You can use fence post anchors or concrete to set a fence. Fence post anchors are more flexible because you can move them and place them in a new location if you need to move the fence. Concrete is more permanent, and there’s a chance of the fence rotting.

Consider your goals for the fence and what you may want in the future. Then, you can decide which option is a better choice for you.

Why Use Fence Post Anchors

When deciding how to set your fence, consider a few reasons why fence post anchors are worth using. You’ll need to invest in enough anchors right away.

However, you can enjoy the benefits of that investment as you set up the fencing. Some of the benefits apply later on.

Here’s what you should know about fence post anchors.

Ease of Use

Fence post anchors are very easy to use, so they’re great for beginners. You’ll need a sledgehammer to pound the anchor spikes into the ground.

After that, all you have to do is place the fence posts in the anchors. The anchors will keep the posts in place so that your fence can stand up straight.

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Of course, you’ll need to measure where to pound the spikes. However, if you make a mistake, you can always fill the hole and start over.

Ability to Move

Whether you make a mistake or not, it’s nice to be able to move fence post anchors. Maybe you want to expand your fence or add a gate to it.

Instead of having to take the fence out entirely, you could move a small section of it. You’ll need to remove the fence post anchors in question and place them in the new location.

This is also a good option if you may move to a new property. You could bring your fence with you instead of having to buy a new one.

Very Stable

Fence post anchors may be moveable, but they’re just as secure as concrete. Of course, you’ll need to use a lot of strength to pound the anchors into the ground.

If you don’t want to do that, you can ask a friend or relative for help. Then, you can set up the fence once and enjoy it for years.

Whether you experience storms or have dogs that could bump into the fence, stability is essential. It can keep you and others safe.

Lasts Longer

Compared to concrete, fence post anchors can keep your fence in good shape for longer. If you use concrete, small gaps will develop near the base of the fence.

The wood can contract and expand throughout the year. So when the wood gets smaller, water can get in the gaps and cause the wood to rot.

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That means you’d need to replace the wood fence more often if you use concrete. However, that’s not the case with fence post anchors.

Why Use Concrete

You may have multiple reasons to use fence post anchors. But it’s also worth considering why you should use concrete for your fence.

It’s a standard choice and can be a good option if you don’t want to dig into the ground. Here are a couple of advantages of using concrete instead of fence post anchors.

More Affordable

When it comes to the initial cost, concrete is usually more affordable than anchors. You can buy concrete in bulk to help save money as well.

Plus, concrete has more uses, such as if you want to build a walking path in your yard. So if you don’t use all of it for your fence, you don’t have to throw it away.

On the other hand, fence post anchors only serve that one purpose. You’d need to use all of them to get your money’s worth.

More Common

Concrete is also a bit more common, though fence post anchors are gaining popularity. If you want to hire professionals to build your fence, concrete might be the better choice.

The pros in your area may have more experience working with concrete. That can make the building process easier and faster.

So if they charge you per hour, you could further save money on setting up the fence.

Can You Use Both Fence Post Anchors and Concrete?

You can use fence post anchors and concrete to build a fence. Maybe there’s a part of your yard where one works better than the other.

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Alternatively, you can give fence post anchors a try. If you don’t like how they work, you could switch to concrete. However, it’s more difficult to go the other way since concrete is more permanent.

Just make sure you follow the right steps when installing the fence. That way, it will work well and won’t fall down after a short period.

Are Fence Post Anchors Better Than Concrete?

Fence post anchors can be better than concrete in some cases. Anchors work well if you want to move the fence or set it up quickly. However, concrete is a bit more permanent, and it could work better if you have rough terrain. Be sure to try both options when deciding how to build a fence.