Download our free book, titled New Home Steps Planning Guide. This step-by-step planning guide, with multiple worksheets and checklists is yours free as our gift, simply because we want you to enjoy your new home. By reading and following the guide and enjoying all the articles on this site, you will definitely be ready to build your dream home when the time comes.

Free Book: Learn about the Process of Building a Home

Our free book will help you discover all the ins and outs of home building. Find out how to clean up you credit, and decrease your debt. Learn the benefits of building a new home vs. buying an older home. Get information on the loan application process, and how to prepare for getting a loan. Find out how to select a home builder or contractor and how to get a great deal from them.

Plan Your Home to Meet the Needs of the Whole Family

The New Home Steps Planning Guide will help you to plan and design your own home in a way that best meets the needs of your family. Thought provoking questions and suggestions will stimulate your creativity and help you to define, envision and design your future home. Our guide offers a lot of tips that help future home owners to foresee their future needs, and decide what they really want from their homes. There is even a discussion guide for talking to your children about the new home, and how to make compromises with family members.

Read Green Construction Guidelines

Learn about the importance of green construction, energy efficiency and protecting your home from environmental hazards. Today’s homes must be more energy efficient than structures built in the past. One of the greatest benefits to building a new home is the opportunity to build a durable and energy efficient structure from materials you choose. Making green and energy efficient choices on materials can be much simpler after reading our 98 page guide and our many articles on green and energy efficient construction.

Learn about Construction Loans and Mortgage Loans

If this is your first home, the differences between these two loans can be very confusing, but even more confusing is the fact that you will probably need both types of loans in order to build a home. Most people find it hard to understand exactly how these loans work together to move seamlessly from the construction process through to the mortgage payments. Our book will clear up all your questions, and streamline your loan process by preparing you long before you apply for your loan.

Start your Home Building Journal with the New Home Step-by-Step Planning Guide
This book can also be the beginning of your own dream home journal. Print it out, or keep it on file. When you find ideas on line that you like, add them to your journal. Insert your own photos and drawings as well. As your dream home takes shape record your decisions and selections. Be sure to include copies of your loan applications and contracts, as well of photos during the construction period. In the end you’ll have a complete pictorial record of your entire building process.

Building a home can be confusing without careful planning, and a step-by-step guide to the process. Our free guide makes the process much easier, and insures you get the home you really want and need. For a comprehensive guide to lead you start to finish through the process of building a home, simply download our 98 page Free Book.

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