This site offers a wealth of free home building advice. Download our 98 page free book, and enjoy our vast array of articles, for information on all home building related topics. All our advice is free of charge and easy to access. We urge you to take advantage of as much free information as possible before undertaking any building project. These top seven free home building advice tips are an overview of the most important home building aspects.

Top Seven Tips from our Free Home Building Advice

Free Home Building Advice Number Seven
Proper installation of windows and doors is our choice for the seventh most important aspect of your home. A lot of energy can leak out of doors and windows and especially around the frames of doors and windows. Builders should use insulation, calk and other products to seal off all paths of air around windows, and use either double or triple glazed windows.

Free Home Building Advice Number Six

Proper plumbing is the sixth most important aspect of the home. Make sure your plumber is qualified and experienced, and that he has properly installed all the drain lines. I would recommend that as a precaution plumbing fixtures be placed on or near an exterior wall. In the case of a slab foundation, pipes should not run under the house any more than absolutely necessary to avoid complications from future leaks breaks and dips in drain pipes.

Free Home Building Advice Number Five

The fifth most important aspect of your home is energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is an ever increasing priority as fuel and energy prices increase. The efficiency of insulation is based in thickness and having closed cells or pockets rather than open cells. The insulated polyurethane inside insulated concrete panels and other structural insulated panels is the most effective but look for thicknesses of more than five inches for the best results. Polystyrene is a close second, and closed cell blown insulation is also an excellent product, and the absolute best choice for traditional construction. For the attic, radiant barrier insulation can save significantly on cooling costs as well.

Free Home Building Advice Number Four

The fourth most crucial element of home durability is the skill of the homebuilder, subcontractor and crews. Be sure to investigate your home builder carefully to insure that your contractor is capable of doing the job. View previously built homes and ask local realtors, loan officers, appraisers, and inspectors for recommendations.

Free Home Building Advice Number Three

The third most crucial element of a home is the durability of structural materials. Strong and heavy materials are the key to a lasting home. The most durable modern material for homebuilding is insulated concrete. Only stone, such as huge granite blocks could come close to matching the durability of insulated concrete panels or forms. The strength of lumber, while not as strong as concrete can provide a good home, but you will want to use 2 by 6 studs, not 2 by 4 and 2 by 10 floor joists placed no more than 18 inches apart. 2 by 8 floor joists may be used if placed no more than 14 inches apart.

Free Home Building Advice Number Two

The second most important free home building advice is the electrical work. Though structure is more important in some ways, the wiring is more important in that improper wiring is a leading cause of fire in new and recently remodeled homes. Be sure your contractor’s electrician is licensed and has a good reputation in your area. Also insure that the electrician is using the proper gage of wire, and the right type of breakers for each appliance and outlet.

Free Home Building Advice Number One

The most crucial element of a home is the ground beneath it. Location is the most important aspect of real estate value. In addition the stability of the home depends on the stability of your soil, and the land features. Avoid low lands, underground springs and slopes of greater than 30 degrees.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoyed that top seven free home building advice countdown.

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