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Our free e-book and many articles on our site will help you through the process of finding a great contractor who fits your overall dream home. Learn how to narrow your choices, by using online, and local resources. Discover how to evaluate home builders, based on their previous work, home owner complaints, their contracts, and their general demeanor.

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Even if you are a contractor or home builder, it is important to be aware of the new energy efficient materials. Experienced construction professionals are struggling to stay current with new cutting edge energy efficient materials, but you can be well informed on the latest materials with the information on this site. Read our site, and then search for sites that sell the sorts of materials we feature. You will be amazed at the vast array of new materials available.

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Our articles will help you understand what makes a home energy efficient. Some of the older structures are not energy efficient. Traditional stick built homes with fiberglass insulation were once the industry standard, but now that standard is finally growing and changing, to meet today’s demand for energy efficiency. Today we know that closed cell insulation is far superior to open cell insulation. We understand the importance of radiant barrier attic insulation, and are aware of alternative materials which provide unprecedented R-Values.

Free Home Building Information: Affordable, Sustainable Green Homes

Learn about alternative building materials and techniques. Learn the principles of affordable, sustainable homes. Find out how to build a home for an insanely low price. Discover the difference on sacrificing structure, and getting a great deal on a stronger than average house.

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Read about Green and Energy Efficient homes on our site, and learn what to look for when shopping for structural insulated panels, and insulated concrete panels. Don’t be fooled! All insulated panels are not the same. Learn to evaluate which panels are best.

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