Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride Cost To Build


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Do you know the financial outlay needed for the creation of the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride?

Construction of such grand scale attractions require substantial upfront commitment.

Fun adventure and thrill await at this phenomenal ride but at what cost?

Have you ever wondered about the financial implications behind these joyous ventures?

Were the expenses worth it in the end?

You might be shocked to unveil the truth.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride Cost To Build

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Construction Cost

In recent years the Marvel Universe has grown tremendously in popularity. One significant addition Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind a backwards-launched roller coaster at Epcot in Walt Disney World came with a hefty price tag.

An enclosed roller coaster manufactured by Vekoma a Dutch company the construction cost is estimated at a whopping US $500 million.

The construction project was a colossal endeavour by Walt Disney Imagineering. The long-awaited attraction officially opened on May 27 2022 replacing the Universe of Energy pavilion.

Going beyond the cinematic experience this ride became the first at Walt Disney World to feature characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe touting a significant cost to build.

Marvel-Themed Roller Coaster

Enter the world of Star-Lord Gamora Drax and Rocket led by Peter Quill himself. The Guardians of the Galaxy ride takes fans on board the Nova ship venturing into the heart of the galactic story.

With Terra as the backdrop guests are treated to a thrilling backwards-launched roller-coaster ride through the cosmos deftly manoeuvring through the Milky Way and beyond.

The journey includes a teleportation chamber experience a celestial battle with Eson and a climactic Milky Way Big Bang sequence. The service also offers a Christmas overlay the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Holiday Remix.

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The ride pushes the boundaries of roller coaster technology. With a capacity of 2000 riders per hour and a length measuring a grand total of 5577.4 ft it is one of the world’s longest enclosed roller coasters.

The ride’s smooth and fast track system offers both thrill and a unique sensory experience.

Opening Date

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster debuted on May 27 2022. This launch marked an essential milestone at Walt Disney World.

The ride is indeed the first attraction at the resort to house characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Nested in a new show building the venue replaced the previous Universe of Energy pavilion. With its opening the ride gave Epcot its first roller coaster experience transforming the park’s attractions landscape.


Dutch company Vekoma is responsible for manufacturing the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster. Known for their innovations within the coaster industry Vekoma worked closely with Walt Disney Imagineering in building this remarkable attraction.

The ride is not only an encapsulated roller coaster but also a backwards-launched one a first within Disney’s history. However Vekoma’s work didn’t cease there.

They ensured the ride became one of the globe’s longest enclosed coasters with a total span of 5577.4 ft.

List of Attraction’s Unique Features

  • First Disney attraction featuring the Marvel Universe
  • Enclosed and backward-launched roller coaster
  • Manufactured by renowned Dutch company Vekoma
  • One of the world’s longest enclosed roller coasters
  • Capacity for 2000 riders per hour

Length Of Coaster

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster is an incredibly impressive structure. Manufactured by Vekoma one of the most well-known Dutch coaster manufacturers the ride stands out as one of the world’s longest enclosed roller coasters.

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Measuring a staggering 5577.4 ft in length this Epcot attraction competes with some of the most expansive coasters out there. The ride also marks a first for Disney as a backwards-launched roller coaster adding to its uniqueness.

Opened on May 27 2022 this ride replaced the Universe of Energy pavilion becoming Epcot’s first roller coaster and boosting the overall ride capacity of the park to 2000 riders per hour.

In terms of construction the coaster is built behind the former Universe of Energy building in a newly erected show building. The cost to construct such an extensive ride is estimated to be around US $500 million.

The ride becomes even more incredible considering the themes. It features characters from the Marvel Universe including the Guardians of the Galaxy further enhancing the unique visitor’s experience.

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