This guide to building a house is an overview of the several phases to building a home. From concept to completion, creating a home can take over well over a year. During this time you will plan the home you want, scale it down to fit your budget, obtain a loan, hire a reputable contractor and oversee the work diligently. If you follow these steps, your dream home will take shape, just as you always imagined.

Guide to Building a House Steps: Agreeing on a Dream

Most people dream of building their own home. They have a concept in their mind already, for the kind of home they always dreamed of. Sometimes however, when a young couple sit down together to discuss home building plans, a tremendous clash ensues. That is because no two people have exactly the same dream house. Compromise is required so that each person gets elements that they want. It is a great idea to build a collection of home photos, floor plans and designs, to which each partner contributes. If you have children, include them in the photo and floor plan hunt too. In sharing photos and plans you may find that your ideas are compatible after all.

Guide to Building a House Steps: Scaling down the Dream

Often, even after preliminary agreements are reached within the family, financial realities infringe further on the plans. Today’s homes must be smaller due to energy costs, as well as construction costs. In most cases though, it is the scaling down that makes the home what you truly want. By trimming the fat so to speak, the house becomes more practical as wasted space is cut out.

Guide to Building a House Steps: Contractors Make Dreams Come True

Once you have a detailed plan of what you want, including exterior style, a floor plan concept, and various features you would like to incorporate, it is time to find the right contractor. You will need to conduct a lot of research to find the right contractor or home builder. Consult our many articles, and download our 98 page guide at the top right to learn more about selecting the right contractor or homebuilder for the job.

When you have narrowed your choices to between three and six homebuilders, visit all of them, and get detailed bids that are as nearly identical as possible. Compare the bids, and the impression that each contractor made on you. Price is not the only factor. Choose a contractor or homebuilder you can work with. Find someone you can trust, who offers a warranty and who has a great reputation.

Guide to Building a House Steps: Financing the Dream

Your contractor or homebuilder will assist you in getting the loan. If your credit score is good, and you have tens of thousands in the bank for a down payment, you will most likely be approved without problems. If you do not have a good credit score, clean it up in order to get the best interest rate. If you do not have substantial savings you could try for a FHA loan. Otherwise you will need to save for a while. You will need about 15 – 30 percent of the cost as a down payment unless you qualify for an FHA or VA loan.

Guide to Building a House Steps: Signing a Contract

Make sure that your contract:
• Does not contain an arbitration agreement
• Allows you to visit your home frequently during construction
• Includes a detailed list of materials which will be used
• Includes a warranty

Guide to Building a House Steps: Construction

Learn as much as you can about construction using our articles, our free 98 page guide and a lot of additional research. Be sure to visit your construction site frequently to make sure that your dream home is taking shape. Above all insure sturdy construction by visiting your home during crucial phases. Visit when the footings are poured, when the foundation is laid, when the floor joists are put in, and during the framing process.

It is vital to check the work during these processes, but it is also important not to interrupt work. A good plan is to visit during a scheduled break, at least once a week, and bring a cooler of ice water or other drinks for the crew. You may also come in the mornings before the work starts. Stay no more than half an hour, but be sure to inspect the work. This sort of visit will be appreciated, and will be more likely to yield the sort of information you need. Be sure to read your local building codes, and stay informed about any changes. Use our free 98 page guide and the other articles on this site in addition to this guide to building a house, for information on inspecting a home construction site.

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