No matter what your price range, high quality home building should be your goal. There are several ways to fit quality into any budget, because often quality is not about money. Many people spend literally millions and still don’t get true quality, while others have quality homes for under $200,000.

High Quality Home Building: What is Quality?

Quality in a home is defined as enduring beauty, sturdy construction, energy efficiency and unique expression of style. Of all of these, sturdiness and energy efficiency rate highest. Strong homes are very much the standard of excellence.

High Quality Home Building: Quality and Size

Size does not infer quality, especially in the recent housing market. The latest trend in luxury homes is extra small. Tiny homes ranging in size from 650 to 1000 square feet are far outselling the huge mansions. It is no longer politically correct to build homes over 5000 square feet. Currently the market is flooded with enormous homes for which there are no buyers, while small luxury homes sell like hotcakes. Therefore size is not the mark of quality.

High Quality Home Building: The Importance of Durability and Energy Efficiency

Recent trends are, somewhat out of necessity, moving towards energy efficiency. An energy efficient home is a sturdy home. R value defines real quality in a very accurate way. It takes emphasis off cosmetic improvements and focuses on real structure. Six inch thick stud walls are more energy efficient than four inch walls, and also sturdier. New insulated concrete walls are incredibly strong, and energy efficient. Insulated concrete with five inches of insulation and at least two inches of concrete on each side are durable enough to last hundreds of years. Durability definitely defines quality.

High Quality Home Building: The Importance of Uniqueness

Unique architecture is back in style. After the fascination with carbon copy homes that has plagued the construction field for many decades, home owners are demanding unique homes that have personality. One of the marks of a luxury home is that it has a unique appearance that sets it apart from other homes. People are daring to be different again, and it feels good. The newer homes have uniqueness inside and out. Unique plumbing fixtures are a very important trend, from hand wrought copper sinks, to amazing round showers. One of a kind fixtures made by various artisans and craftsmen are very popular. People are tired of average. They want something beautiful that looks artsy.

High Quality Home Building: What’s in Demand?

Even in today’s tight housing market, quality and luxury homes of less than 2000 feet are in style, and extremely energy efficient homes of less than 1000 square feet are definitely having their day in the sun, even with wealthy buyers. In general a small house with thick walls made of durable materials will sell much faster than a huge house, even in upscale markets. Unique architecture is also in, as are unique fixtures and architectural details. Small size, unique style, energy efficiency and durability are the main trends of today’s high quality home building.

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