Home builder estimate software has revolutionized the bid generation process for home builders. In the past home builders calculated the price of building a home with a pencil and paper. There was a lot of rounding and estimating involved. It was not uncommon for home builders and contractors to make serious mistakes and then have to stand by their price even if it meant making a lot less money. Even with an advanced calculator it was still difficult to come about an exact price. Now, there are several brands of home builder estimate generating software.

How Home Building Estimates Work

Home building software helps create very accurate cost data. Each type of material used in building a home can be entered into a database. The database includes the type of material, the price and the quantity of items per package.

For example, your builder offers several different types of roofing shingles. The price for each type is entered into the programs database. If he selects a type of shingle, the program automatically knows the price as long as he keeps his pricelists updated. Roofing shingles are purchased in a quantity known as a square. A square is 100 square feet. If a roof will be 2535 square feet then your builder must purchase 26 squares of shingles, not 25, or 25 and a half. Most software will even calculate the quantity needed based on the size of the width of the home and the angle of the roof.

Home Builder Estimate: Faster isn’t Always Better for the Buyer

Using this software, home builders and contractors can generate bids very quickly. In the past, it may have taken days to produce a far less accurate bid. Now, a home builder can generate the bid within the hour in most cases. This definitely speeds up the process, but speed can work against the buyer. Waiting for a bid provided a sort of cooling off period. If a home builder presents a good bid right after presenting his plan for a beautiful home, it is certainly tempting to just sign the contract. This is a very poor strategy for the buyer. You will want to collect three to six bids and compare them. You should take a sample contract from each builder as well, and have your attorney look it over. You will want to consider this very important decision very carefully before signing anything. Signing a contract on the same day you receive a bid is never a good idea.

Home Builder Estimate: Comparing Bids

When comparing bids, you will want to consider not only the price but the quality of the materials, the quality of workmanship, how much you were impressed with the builder’s services and how easy he is to work with. Make sure that you have thoroughly researched a builder before signing a contract. Look at the materials lists carefully to compare the weight and grade of materials used. Consider how you feel about each builder. Was he easy to talk to? Did he listen well when you explained what you wanted? Is this man easy to reach when you need to call him, or does he shuffle clients off to salesmen and secretaries?

Selecting a home builder is a decision that should not be left to price alone. Price is a factor, but not the most important factor. During the next year your builder will become one of the most important people in your life. After construction your happiness for the entire time you live in your home will be largely dependent on his skills as a builder. A poorly build home can wreck your finances and result in a lot of unhappiness. Be sure you choose your builder wisely. For more information on how to select a home builder estimate, read our many articles and download our 98 page free book.

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