When embarking on the journey to build your own home it is a good thing to understand home building basics. Knowing the basics will help you in planning your new home and will also be useful with the many questions and emotions that are part of building a new home.

Let’s go over a few simple home building basics

home building basics #1: Understand design. During the conception phase when you are sketching your dream home out you will want some basic understanding of design and how homes are constructed. The idea here is you want a design that that can actually be built. Now of course you don’t need to become an architect or engineer, but having a basic understanding will help you create a new home plan that can be accomplished.

home building basics #2: Understand the land. This is the ground upon which the home is built, and depending on where you want your home, and how much work is involved in leveling the area or prepping the land, will have a major impact on pricing. You also need to consider government easements, drainage, noise pollution, and wind patterns.

home building basics #3: Money. Money is always thought about, but when it comes to planning a new home it is often misunderstood. You see, many people get estimates based on price per square foot. This is not always the best route. The reason being is Builder A might use basic material in their quote, while Builder B uses high-end materials. A better approach is to put together a complete specification list for your new home that details out the materials and products you want to use.

There are many more home building basics you’ll need to get a feel for, but this is a good starting point.

Let’s recap…

Home Building Basics Overview:

1. Understand basic design when sketching out your ideas. The reason being is you want to be able to actually build what you sketch.
2. Understand the land. This is an important home building basics as it effect price and quality of life once your new home is constructed.
3. Money is an important home building basic to understand. More specifically it’s important to understand the basics of estimates and not falling into the price per square foot trap.
4. Learn more home building basics by downloading the free New Home Steps Guide above on the right hand side and become savvy on the overall home building process.

I hope this article was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with building your new home.

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