Completing this home building checklist will help you determine what you want from your home. Home Building has become widely varied field. New green building technology and modular home construction have revolutionized the housing industry. In order to get the home you really want, it is important to evaluate your needs and consider what you really want in a home. Consider the implications of each question. Be sure the answers to these questions are firmly in your mind before visiting a contractor.

Home Building Checklist Questionnaire for Planning to Build a Home

Home Building Checklist: Size
1. How many bedrooms do you need?
2. Will you need a home office, sewing room or study?
3. How many bath rooms?
4. How do you feel about open great rooms, which include living room, dining room and kitchen without walls between?
5. How large does the kitchen need to be?
6. How many cooks need to be in the kitchen at once?
7. Will you be using a four six or eight chair dining room suite?

Make two columns one for low estimate, and one for high.

For 1 and 2, add the numbers from questions one and two. Multiply by 80 and then 150 then add 50 for extra square footage in the master bedroom. Now add 30 square foot per room for closets.
Example: If you want three bedrooms and a study, you would multiply 4 x 80 and then 4 x 150. Then add fifty and you would get this 490 – 770 Square foot.

For 3, multiply 30 and 50 times the number of bath rooms.
For example: For two bathrooms write 60 – 100

For a great room your range would be 12 x 24 on up to 18 x 32, or 288 – 576
OR if you prefer separate rooms for kitchen, living room and dining room, figure 520 – 860
The size range for the example, with a great room would be 490 + 60 + 228 = 770, or 770 + 100 + 576 = 1446. Thus your home size range is approximately 770 to 1446.

Home Building Checklist: Materials and Design

1. What materials would you like to build your home from? Remember energy efficient principles pay in the long run.
2. Have you investigated new types of building materials?
3. What style of home would you like?
4. Do you plan to build a basement, crawlspace or slab foundation?
5. Will your home be a one story or a two story?
6. What is your budget? Use a mortgage calculator. Payments should be no more than one third of your income minus any other monthly credit payments.

These are the questions you must answer before talking to a home builder or contractor. The home building checklist answers are a vital part of knowing what you want, before talking to homebuilders or asking for quotes.

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