Before your final walk through, you should make a home building checklist for final inspection. Many people wait till the end to check on the property, but it is much better to check on your home frequently during the construction process. It is a much better idea to see your framing before it is covered by siding, drywall and roofing. By being present throughout the building process, you can make sure that everything is right, step by step, rather than waiting till the last minute when very little could be done if there were major problems. On that final walk through, there are many things that should be on your checklist, though you should have seen all of them before that final day. It’s still a good idea to look one last time for problems.

Home Building Checklist for Final Inspection: Exterior

• Look for loose siding, or any flaws in the finish.
• Inspect the roofing, using a ladder, or if that isn’t possible at least walk around the house paying attention to the roof all the way around.
• Inspect the Foundation for cracks
• Are the Screens in the windows?
• Have a close look at the window and door frames. Make sure that they are calked, and that the wood fits well, and that there are no gaps or air leaks around the frames.
• Look at the windows carefully to see if they are installed properly, and insure none of them are cracked. Do this from the interior and exterior as well. On the inside, open and close the windows, to make sure they fit snuggly and don’t fall down after you raise them.
• Have a look in the crawl space or go into the basement, to see floor joists, and plumbing if they are exposed.
• Check the exterior water spigots and allow them to run for a several minutes each.
• Turn on the sprinkler system to make sure it works well.
• Check the exterior outlet boxes by plugging in a small electric appliance or light.
• Check to make sure all the exterior lights work.
• Check the electrical circuits to insure ground fault interrupters have been used.
• Inspect the gutters to make sure they pitch towards the drain pipes, and that they are firmly attached to the edge of the roof.
• Check the landscaping and any new plants to see that they are healthy and in the right place.
• Make sure the ground around the house slopes slightly so that the ground near the home is higher and slopes down so that ground water does not run under the house.
• Inspect all retaining walls.
• Inspect the rest of the lawn to see if water drains evenly or pools in spots.
• Check the driveway installation.

Home Building Checklist for Final Inspection: Interior

• Try opening up each faucet and let it run. Then look under the sink.
• Let water run in the tub for two or three minutes.
• Flush the toilet repeatedly to make sure it works properly.
• Next check ceilings downstairs that are under upstairs plumbing for leaks, and look in the basement or crawlspace for puddles of water, or leaking pipes.
• Check the heating and cooling systems.
• Walk around on the floors and make sure they don’t squeak or shift under your weight.
• Check each light switch and outlet.
• Check the kitchen cabinets, and countertops.
• Make sure all the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are present.
• Look for any blemishes on the finish of the cabinets and countertops.
• Make sure all the drawers and doors on the cabinets work properly.
• Check the sink to make sure the finish is not damaged.
• Check all the appliances to make sure they work.
• Look at the appliances to make sure their finish has no blemishes.
• Check the paint and floor coverings throughout the house.
• Test the smoke alarms and the home security system.
• Be sure to check the basement or crawlspace several times to look for leaks.
• Inspect the floor joists under the home. Make sure they are all well supported and resting on the supports.
• Check the attic framing.

For more information on construction of a home download our 98 page book, and read the many articles on this site. Use all the information you have gathered throughout your home building process, to inspect your home thoroughly as you use this home building checklist for final inspection.

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