Every successful endeavor requires particular steps to reach the desired outcome, whether it is going to the moon or building a home. A home building checklist will remove the guess work from home construction. Following a set guideline will ensure that costs remain within budget, a time frame is met and you can move in and begin enjoying the home as soon as possible.

Home Building Checklist Steps

The first step in the home building checklist is the type of home desired. Whether a larger home made for a large family or for entertaining, or a smaller cottage style more for that smaller cozy feeling, you need to have an idea of what the finished out come will be. After that on the home building checklist is the actual home plan itself. A plan can be ready bought designs or custom. A ready bought plan can be modified to fit your needs. Certain factors will affect this, such as location of the home. Will the property fit the home and is there codes or zoning regulations that potentially could change the style of the home.

Once the home plan is decided upon, next on the home building checklist is the building method. Will your home be built on site, or built off site and assembled on location. Modular housing has become popular in the recent years, so it is an option to be considered. Will you hire a home builder or contractor, or will you act as the general contractor? And most of all, how does cost figure into to this? The home building checklist needs to account for cost. Everything from the cost of the property to zoning and permits, to the actual cost of building the house needs to be taken in to account. Being over budget because something wasn’t accounted for could turn the project a bit rocky.

Your home building checklist should look into financing options. How exactly will you pay for the home? Will the house be entirely financed by you, or will you need to obtain a mortgage or construction loan? Should you need a mortgage or construction loan, what are the requirements of the loan repayment, and more importantly, how much home can you afford then? This may require you to either come up with additional financing, or reduce the scale of the land, the home or both.

A home building checklist will be your road map to successful home building. Wise planning can make the process as painless as possible.

Let’s recap…

Home Building Checklist Overview:

1. A home building checklist is a good tool to keep your project on track removing guess work and ensuring that cost are managed and the timeline is followed.
2. First on the home building checklist is figuring out what type of home you want and getting a home plan.
3. Next on the checklist is deciding what building method will you use?
4. Your home building checklist should account for cost and how you’re going to pay or finance your new home?
4. Learn more creating a home building checklist by downloading the free New Home Steps Guide above on the right hand side and become savvy on the overall home building process.

Good luck with building your new home. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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