Okay, so you’ve decided to build a new home. Or maybe you’re simply thinking about it and kicking the idea around. Whatever your situation the first thing you need to do is learn about the home building process in detail.

The good news is we’ve made it simple for you to become educated on home building and how it all works step-by-step with this home building guide. We’ve created a free consumer friendly new home building guide that details step-by-step how to build a new home at the best price possible and best quality, while avoiding common new home building mistakes so many make.

How to Get the home building Guide?

To get the home building guide simply fill out the form you see at the top of this page on the right side. When you do we’ll send you the home building guide called “new home Steps Planning Guide.” It’s a 96 page guide loaded with content that will teach you about home building from the very beginning when it’s just a thought in your head to getting the keys to your new home at the very end.

The home building guide is free with no catches or obligations what so ever, so you have nothing to risk by getting it and everything to learn.

I promise you you’ll love it.

Let me detail out for you the steps covered in the informative home building guide:


• Eight benefits of building a new home versus buying a pre-existing home
• Four key tips to keep you focused on your goal of building a new home

• Getting your financial situation in the best order to build a new home
• The different types of homebuilders and selecting a homebuilder
• A guide to collecting ideas for home building and shaping what your new home will look like
• How a homes shape and size impacts the building process and pricing
• Assessing your needs and want in your new home before building
• Making compromises on your new home
• Guide to making your new home energy efficient and green
• Tips for building a healthy new home

Step 3: FINANCING YOUR new home
• Understanding which mortgage is right for building a new home
• What are constructions loans and do I need one when building
• A smart guide to selecting a construction loan lender
• Initiating the construction loan process
• How the construction loan draw process works

• Is general contracting right for you?
• What if you’re working with a REALTOR and how do they work with builders?
• Guide to pricing and understanding homebuilder estimates
• How to establish preliminary plans for your new home before building
• Guide to getting estimates from homebuilders and how many builders should you contact?
• Once you have estimates from homebuilders how do your compare them
• Guide to selecting the right homebuilder for your new home
• Exactly what to look for when signing a contract with a homebuilder
• Making the deposit with the builder and how much?

• Where do you look for land to build your new home on?
• Forty-three key lot/land selection considerations for building
• Do you always have to go with the builder who currently owns the land/lot?
• Using a professional to help you find a site to build on
• Guide to placing your new home on the land and what to avoid

• Working with your builder to finalize your plan and approving the plan
• What happens when you make changes to your final plan?
• Guide to making design choices in your new home

• Timeline and how long it will take to build your new home
• The steps from moving from paper to permit
• Construction Timeline

• Survey and staking out the ground
• Excavating the land
• Pouring the footers and walls
• Plumbing the basement if you have one in your plan
• Pouring the garage floor
• Framing out the home
• Plumbing, electrical and heating/air conditioning, rough-ins
• Pouring driveways and walks
• Installing the insulation
• Finishing the home exterior
• Hanging the drywall
• Painting
• Installing flooring
• Finish work including trim, doors and closet shelves
• Installing vanities, cabinets and tops
• Installing fixtures
• Laying carpet
• Putting in the landscaping
• Hanging the gutters and downspouts
• Final touch-ups
• Clean

• Orientation

As you can see the home building guide is loaded with informative information on building a new home. Once you’ve read this guide you’ll be equipped with important information to help you move forward with your new home ambitions.

The Home Building Guide Is Right For You

It doesn’t matter if this is your first new home experience, second or fifth. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is. It doesn’t matter if this is your starter home, move-up home, downsizing home or a large estate home the home building guide will be of value to you.

It doesn’t matter what type of home you’re interested in, or style of home you want to build, either. Maybe you want a custom home designed to match your vision, or a production built home in an up and coming subdivision, or a log home on that nice wooded lot you own.

It doesn’t matter when you intend to buy or build. Maybe you’re thinking you’ll start next month or next year or upon retiring, in two years.

What matters is this home building guide will provide you with a powerful planning tool you can use to your advantage to move forward.

Once you have the home building guide here are my recommendations…

I recommend printing out the home building guide and placing it in a three ring binder with pockets on both sides. What will end up happening is you’ll start collecting ideas from varying resources on floor plans, photos of homes, decorating ideas, building materials, etc., and this will give you a good place to keep everything organized and in one place. Plus, you’ll be able to carry the home building guide with you out in the field and write notes as you start exploring possibilities.

Once you have the home building guide printed out, find a comfortable place to relax so you can focus on the material. Highlight the information as it suits you, and makes notes at the space provided at the bottom of each page. Write down any questions you might have so you’ll remember to ask them.

NOTE: The information presented in the home building guide may not happen in the exact same sequence when you actually go to buy or build a home. Some steps may happen earlier, later or may happen simultaneously. Also, some steps may or may not be pertinent to you, and additional steps might be required that are not covered in this home building guide depending on what type of new home you’re interested in.

home building Can Be One of the Most Gratifying Experiences
Yes, home building can be one of the most gratifying experiences you can have in your life. Or on the flip side it can be an absolute nightmare. That’s why you need to get educated on the process. Believe me you want to avoid the nightmare scenario.

Listen, this home building guide can help you realize your home building dreams and help you do it an enjoyable and gratifying way! In the new home building guide you’ll get straight-up information and facts. The bottom line is this: if you are thinking about or already concluded that a home building is right for you this home building guide is an absolute must read for you.

The information in the home building guide could be the difference between a successful home building project completed on time, of top guild-quality workmanship and on budget, vs. one that is bogged down with constant struggles, costly oversights and ultimately poor construction.

Here’s additional information you’ll learn in the home building guide:

• Avoiding homebuilder change orders and staying within budget
• Steps to reduce common challenges that might pop-up when building your new home
• Guide to finding home plans that will work for your lifestyle
• Important factors you must consider before you select a homebuilder and start construction
• A simple guide to comparing what you must have in your new home
• Not what to do when selecting a homebuilder
• Why most people are not cut out to be the general contractor on their new home
• Guide to what to look for in selecting a homebuilder and how to review their craftsmanship
• A guide to common builder’s tricks and watching out for them
• Guide to comparing homebuilder estimates and avoiding paying too much

And this is the start of what you’ll learn in the home building guide.

Listen, you’ve read this far and it’s obvious you have interest in building a home now or sometime in the near future. Do yourself a favor and download the home building guide. You could literally save thousands by reading this guide. It’s so important to get smart by educating yourself about the process. This home building guide will do just that.

Here are some comments we’ve received from readers:

The home building guide is an awesome resource!! Thank you!

We downloaded the home building guide when we were thinking about building a new
home and it’s the best subject guide on home building. Keep up the good work.

Your home building guide is well done and we pretty much followed it step-by-step.

Outstanding home building guide! Thank you.

I wish I would of found your home building guide prior to building our new home. It would have saved us some major troubles and a ton of money.

Thank you for the home building guide. It was easy to read and follow. Our builder was surprised at how much knowledge we had related to building.

The home building guide is very impressive and loaded with critical information about building a new home. Thanks for giving us the guide.

I’m very impressed by the quality of the fabulous content in the home building guide. I recommended it to my friend who is planning to build in the near future and he loved the guide as well.

So there you have it. It’s up to you now to download the home building guide. Take action now by filling out the form at the top right corner of this page.

Good luck in your new home building endeavor and enjoy the guide.

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