Home building ideas are everywhere, and it is very easy to find hundreds of thousands of ideas on line, in books and in your community. This article will share various ways to look for home building ideas.

Finding and Saving Home Building Ideas

Storing your Ideas
One of the most helpful items in preparing to build a home is a home building journal. In your home building journal, keep all the ideas which you find online or in books. Draw sketches of your own original ideas. Use photo shop or home construction software to create the home you want. You can store your ideas on your laptop hard drive, or print it out in a physical book. The format doesn’t matter, but keeping the ideas arranged, makes it much easier to decide and explain what you want.

Home Building Ideas: Google Image Search

One of the best ways to find great building ideas is to use Google image search. That way you can see at a glance which ideas appeal to you. Type simple words in the search bar. Use words like kitchen, house, home, floor plan and green construction, to get thousands of great ideas. Select Image Search and just enjoy the pictures.

Home Building Ideas: Use Search Engines to Research

Do extensive research to learn more about specific building materials and techniques. Using a search engine, seek articles and pictures to explain how different materials are used. Learn about their durability, their insulating properties and all the various properties of each material. Use online resources to research kitchen layouts, and how to devise the best kitchen for your home. Learn about built in storage, and how to estimate how much closet space you will need.

Home Building Ideas: Read Books about Construction

Go to the library or order books on line, to help you extensively research various areas of home building. Collect ideas by taking notes or photocopying pages that are of specific interest. Select a few “how-to” books that contain ideas for built in storage, or cabinetry.

Home Building Ideas: Use a Camera to Collect Pictures from Your Community

Take pictures of existing homes. When out driving, if you see a home you really like, stop and photograph it. Ask to photograph a friend’s kitchen if you have always admired it. Ask a realtor to look at some homes in your area and bring along your camera to photograph any architectural details or design features you really like.

Home Building Ideas: Selecting Ideas to Use in Your Design

Finding ideas for your new home is easy, using modern technology. Once you have collected a number of ideas you love, start narrowing them and categorizing them in order to decide what you really want. Dedicate a section of your journal to your selections. Use pictures and words to explain each room of your home, and the exterior features as well. Describe the building materials you want, and solidify the plan in your mind. Start playing with floor plans to determine what exactly you want in your home, and how you would like it arranged.

Incorporating many home building ideas into your design makes it uniquely yours. Don’t just copy other homes. Make yours unique by incorporating many different home building ideas into an original design.

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