What are the home building insider secrets? Have you ever wondered what the guys down at the Home Builders Association joke about, or what gets them fuming mad at their competition? It may surprise you what homebuilders really think. How do those home building insiders really feel, at the end of their workdays?

Top Home Building Insider Secrets

Local Home Builder Income
The biggest secret among local home builders and contractors is how little money they make. Home builders and contractors don’t make nearly as much as they want their business associates to think. Local home builders have an incredible amount of overhead and with the economy as it is they are struggling to have steady work. At the same time, years of experience have taught them to keep up appearances, and buy the right equipment in order to be competitive in their field.

Business is slow now for home builders for two reasons. One problem of course is the economy. The other problem is the predominance of huge home building corporations, which are currently getting about 70 percent of the work throughout the country, and leaving very little for the local builders. These companies are doing to the housing industry what those huge mega stores did to retail. If trends don’t change, the local housing industry will be destroyed.

It is extremely mystifying to local home builders, since their families have been building quality homes in the area for generations, to see so much business going to these home building chain stores. One has to wonder why, considering the many complaints all over the internet about most of them. Local home builders and contractors offer no nonsense service, top quality and reasonable prices. They are flexible and work hard to please clients.

Top Home Building Insider Secrets: Use Local Builders While You Can

Just as it becoming more and more difficult to shop locally owned stores for office supplies, kitchen utensils, clothing and hardware, if people don’t start choosing to let local home builders build their homes, soon they will not have that option. Yet there are many reasons why it is better to have your home built by a quality home builder, instead of a corporation.

Top Home Building Insider Secrets: Benefits of Using a Local Home Builder

• The ability to see and speak to the one person who is responsible for construction, and all the decisions to be made on your construction site
• Talking to a professional homebuilder, not a salesman
• A chance to stop this “bait and switch upgrade” nonsense once and for all
• Having someone local to be able to hold accountable for any mistakes
• Improving the economy in your community
• Better service
• Flexible policies
• Getting a superior home, usually for less money
• Quality craftsmanship and a builder who stands behind his work
• Being able to discuss the job without employees having to call corporate offices
• Having a homebuilder you can trust

When looking for a homebuilder, contact your local Association of Homebuilders and ask for recommendations, and a list of registered builders in your area. Local homebuilders are waiting to hear from you. For more information about home building inside secrets, read our other articles and download our 98 page book on home planning.

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