Home building kits can be a viable option when building a new home. Many companies offer an entire home shell, ready to assemble, including hardware, doors and windows. Everything is pre-cut, pre-measured, and pre-drilled in most of these kits. Kits come in many types, including logs, log panels, insulated concrete forms (ICFs) insulated concrete panels (ICPs) and many types of absolutely fascinating structural insulated panels (SIPs.)

Home Building Kits Advantages

• Home building kits assemble quickly, and easily. An experienced crew can get them up in just a few days or weeks in most cases.

• Home building kits take less skill to assemble, and can be completed by a small crew with very little training. Even home owners can manage a kit if they are in good physical shape, and have some experience with do it yourself projects. Home erection is heavy work though, so most home owners will likely need the help of a professional crew.

• Most home building kits contain all you need to build a home, at least to the shell stage, and some beyond that.

• Home building kits reduce onsite construction waste by up to 95% or more. This is very sound both economically and environmentally.

• ICF and polystyrene panels provide both interior and exterior walls and the insulation, you may want to choose another form of siding to cover the concrete but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

• Most home building kits, especially some the panel kits are unbelievably energy efficient, some of the SIPs and ICFs exceed energy star ratings.

• ICFs and polystyrene panels are incredibly durable. Some polystyrene wall panels have been proven to be bullet proof, even against high caliber assault rifles. Many of the Concrete and foam or polystyrene panels will stand up to 150 mph winds, they are tough enough to handle Florida’s worst hurricanes, they even survive through most earth quakes.

• Home building kits can also be made to custom order too. Some companies will work with your architect, or with plans from other websites to create just the kit you need.

• Equally amazing are the training videos which teach how to build them. These systems snap together in most cases, while others require pouring concrete into a form, and still others must be cemented together with mortar, some of the cheaper ones use glue, but overall these things go together in a day or two anyway in most cases so why not spring for installation?

• Log kits are pre-cut and made to snap together like Lincoln logs. Everything is precut in those too.

• It’s nice to have a choice! Hire a building contractor to build your kit, let the company install them, or do-it-yourself. It’s your choice. Most people would prefer to pay to have the kit installed. It’s still much cheaper than traditional construction.

• Prices as low are exceptionally low. Prices for the kit are often between $10 and $25 per square foot. Of course foundations, and interior finishes are not included, but with the savings on materials and labor, one can buy some nice carpet, cabinets and plumbing fixtures.

Whether you prefer futuristic polystyrene materials, enduring concrete panels, insulated metal panels, or a thick wooden log kit with a very traditional appearance, there is a kit for you. There seems to be a broad spectrum of kits for everyone’s tastes. R-value may vary, but in general most of these kits are energy efficient, easy to install, green and cheap. Home building kits might be a good option for you.

Home Building Kits

Home Building Kits

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