Here are a few tips about home building mistakes to avoid. Mistakes can occur at any juncture in the home building process, from the concept and design, to the loan process and in dealing with and selecting a good contractor. By following this advice you may avoid some major home building pitfalls.

Top Home Building Mistakes to Avoid

Top Home Building Mistakes to Avoid: House Planning
1. Dining room too crowded – Make your dining room large enough to accommodate a dining table chairs and guests comfortably. Consider a great room that combines the living room and dining room, so that the measurements will not be so restrictive.

2. Inefficient kitchen layout – Read about kitchen layouts extensively before designing your kitchen. Make sure you have enough cabinets for your cookware, food storage, glassware and dishes. Consider what it will be like with two or three cooks in the kitchen.

3. House too large – Avoid extra expense in building costs and utilities with efficient use of space. A house need not be large to be efficient. By planning carefully you can reduce square footage while still getting just as much usable space.

4. Not enough closet space – While it is tempting to cut square footage from closets, to make more room in the living space, the fact is that closets create a lot of living space, by keeping clutter stored properly. Built in bookshelves and wall storage units are also helpful in controlling clutter.

Top Home Building Mistakes to Avoid: Contractor and Construction
1. Choosing the wrong contractor – Select a contractor with an excellent local reputation, who is easy to communicate with, and builds the kind of homes you want built. Thoroughly investigate every contractor you are considering to discover if there are any horror stories, and if previous customers were satisfied.

2. Neglecting the construction site – During construction of your home it is crucial to check on progress and verify the quality of materials used. Most construction horror stories could be averted if the homeowner had been there when the studs went up, watched as foundations were poured, and inspected the roof trusses.

3. Signing an arbitration clause – Just do not sign a contract like this. It’s a red flag. Insuring your right to sue is the best way not to have to.

4. Being unclear about what you want – One of the biggest mistakes people make is being indecisive with the contractor. Know exactly what you want and be sure you specify structural building materials as well as floor coverings and countertops.

Top Home Building Mistakes to Avoid: Loan
1. Lying to the home builder, contractor or loan officer when prequalifying for a loan – This is a huge mistake because if you are honest, your home builder or contractor will be able to find the best loan for you based on your answers. There is no use in lying because the loan officer will discover all. Being truthful will get you a better loan. Lying will result in being turned down for a loan.

2. Failing to clean up your credit score before applying for a loan – Your credit score determines your interest rate. It determines how much you can borrow, and it also determines if you will get the loan at all.

3. Buying a new car and still owing payments when you apply for a loan – Your car payments, and other credit based payments will be subtracted from the amount you can borrow. Pay off your car and pay down your credit cards before applying for a loan.

Being informed about construction, and having a clear view of what you want from your home builder or contractor, will help you avoid the major pitfalls of homebuilding. Be sure to remember these homebuilding mistakes to avoid when planning to build a home.

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