A home is the largest expenditure most people will ever make. To be aware of the many facets of home building doesn’t take a rocket scientist, but it does take savvy.

Common home building questions include how much property will be left on either side of the structure after building, how far back on the property can the structure be built, what is the local law concerning how tall the home can be, how many trees can be removed by law, will the drainage interfere with the installment of an in ground pool and many others. Many buyers will take into account building costs, materials and construction time.

Here are some other home building questions that need to be asked

Over time, ground settles. It shifts due to moisture from rains or from being built upon when the property was a former graveyard. This affects a structure by causing stress beams to move. When that happens, cracks appear in the baseboards and crown molding and sometimes in the walls. home building questions need to be asked of the builder or contractor on how to position the structure to avoid this happening.

Green living is fast becoming the standard and not the exception. In an effort to give back to the earth, homeowners are demanding green technology in building and power supply. Some home building questions might include what technology can be built into the structure such as solar panels, garbage disposals, water conservation methods, alternative and renewable energy sources and the list goes on. Many home builders and contractors can be induced to use recycled building materials in order to eliminate waste being dumped back into the environment.

Many homeowners buy a property with an eye toward self sustaining, meaning they want to plant a garden. In today’s economy, every little bit helps and a home garden is one method for not only taking care of themselves, but giving back to the earth in recycling the plants after the fruit or vegetable has been harvested. Lying fallow over fall and winter, these gardens will be primed for spring planting. Some home building questions might include which trees would benefit from the plot of earth they’re building on such as fruit trees or evergreens.

home building questions to ask when building a new home is about more than the structure. It has to be built upon earth and needs to be considered. Let’s recap…

Home Building Questions Overview:

1 A new home is usually the biggest expenditure in ones life.
2. Asking questions about the property the home will be built on is important.
3. Green living is fast becoming the standard and not the exception and questions should be asked related to building green.
4. Self sustaining is also important to many and home building questions related to sustainability should be asked.
5. Learn more home building questions to ask by downloading the free new home Steps Guide above and become savvy on home building and questions to ask a builder or contractor.

I hope this helps you become more savvy in the type of home building questions you should be asking. Good luck in your home building endeavors.