There are many home building saving tips on this site and in our 98 page free guide as well. We hope that you use and enjoy all the information that we share on our site and download our free book as well for even more exciting tips and home building tricks. This list of home building saving tips will feature long term saving tips.

Home Building Saving Tips for the Long Haul

Most people pay for their homes over a long period of time. Often over more than 30 years. During that time they make house payments, pay utilities, and pay for various maintenance work on their homes. All of this is part of paying for the decisions you are making right now, as you plan to build your new home. Therefore, now is the time to consider long term savings, as well as construction costs.

Home Building Saving Tips: Save on Utilities

Tip 1 – Superior insulation is well worth the price, no matter how much it costs, as long as it is the best available. Getting those top R-values is priceless, because it pays for itself very quickly, considering the high cost of fuel and electricity. When you consider saving $150 to $200 per month, you can see how much good insulation is worth in long term savings.
Tip 2 – Two of the best types of insulation available are closed cell blown in insulation, and polyurethane foam panels. You will need at least a five or six inch thickness to be effective though, and every extra inch pays off.
Tip 3 – Radiant barrier insulation in your attic can save a lot on your air conditioning costs. It reduces the temperature in your attic by about 30 degrees during the summer, and this makes it easier for your air conditioning unit to bring down the temperature inside your home.
Tip 4 – Install solar panels on your energy efficient home, to completely eliminate your electric bill. The best time to install solar panels is during construction.
Tip 5 – Install a tankless hot water heater, or consider a solar hot water heater or pre-warmer. Tankless hot water heaters need to be wired in from the beginning to avoid costly rewiring jobs so planning for one from the beginning saves you money.
Tip 6 – Cut down on your water bill by over one third, and possibly avoid the need for a septic tank with an incinerator toilet. Incinerator toilets are completely waterless and much more hygienic than standard toilets. They are also one of the most ecologically sound, and bacteria killing inventions available. They also cut down on plumbing costs, since these toilets require no plumbing.

Home Building Saving Tips: Save on Maintenance

Tip 7 – Insulated Concrete can be dyed to the color you prefer, and never needs painting either inside or out. It is incredibly durable and turns your home into a veritable fortress which will endure for hundreds of years with virtually no maintenance. It endures earthquakes, floods, and violent wind storms up to 180 mph. Insulated concrete with 5 or 6 inch thick insulation inside produces those maximum R-values and the insulation will never deteriorate or settle because it is sealed within the concrete.
Tip 8 – If you are using stick built construction use at least two by six wall studs, and go with the largest floor joists available. Inspect your construction site while the framing is being installed and check to insure that enough wood is used and that floor joists are properly fitted and level.
Tip 9 – Find a qualified builder through your local Home Builders Association. Many areas offer a Registered Home Builder program. This is a great credential where it is available. If this is not available, inquire about a list of members they would recommend. A qualified home builder is the key to a well constructed and sturdy home.
Tip 10 – Get an Energy Star Home, not just for energy efficiency, but also durability. Energy efficient equals durable in most cases.

Home Building Saving Tips: Save on Interest

Tip 11 – Clean up your credit before applying for a loan to get a better interest rate. Pay off all your debts and bills. Pay off your credit card balance and stop maintaining a balance at all. Instead pay off your credit cards on time each month. Pay your utilities in a timely fashion, and pay off your car before applying for a loan.

Tip 12 – Apply for a 15 year loan, not a 30 year loan to save over $100K in interest in most cases. You will qualify for a lower interest rate, and avoid years of paying virtually no principle on your loan.

Tip 13 – Build a smaller home to save on construction costs, utilities and interest. Smaller homes are more energy efficient, cost less, and thus require a smaller loan.

Tip 14 – Pay extra payments whenever you can to save even more on your interest rate. Seek to pay off your home quickly, to avoid debt and paying interest.

Energy efficiency, durable, maintenance free construction, building a smaller home and reducing the amount of interest you pay, are the keys to cutting the cost of your home. To learn more about home building saving tips download our 98 page free book and read our many articles on this site.

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