It will be necessary to create a house building checklist at several points during the planning, design, selection and construction processes. There are many different types of house building checklist, and most of those will be the responsibility of your home builder or the sub contractors. Some of the important house building checklist have a set format, which your contractor will use over and over, but almost every big item on the checklist will involve several smaller “to do” lists style checklists which each subcontractor will develop on the spot, based on what needs to be done. Each person involved in building your home has their own part to play, which could be expressed as a house building checklist. Let’s go over some of the common house building checklist you may encounter.

Common House Building Checklist

Common House Building Checklist: Contractor’s First Checklist
The first checklist used by the contractor will involve your selections and the details of exactly what is promised to be done, and what needs to be done based on the specifications of your lot, any zoning ordinances, and the type of utilities available. The checklist will have your contact information at the top. Other items on the list could include:

o Building permit information
o Utilities including water, sewer, electricity and natural gas
o Scheduled inspections
o Driveway specifications
o Grading
o Soil type
o Septic system specifications
o Home style and house plan reference number
o Garage size
o Heating system specifications
o Foundation type and specifications
o Exterior wall stud sizes
o Type of sheathing that will be used
o Exterior siding specifications
o Window and door specifications
o Electronic and technology specifications, such as alarms, phone lines and special wiring
o Trim details
o Flooring specifications
o Kitchen cabinet specifications
o Staircase specifications
o Plumbing and fixture specifications

Common House Building Checklist: The Selections List

The selections list is a sub-list of some of the above. It amounts to selecting the carpet, paint, wallpaper and cabinet colors and finishes, types of doorknobs and other minor decisions in the major categories above.

Common House Building Checklist: The Schedule List

The scheduling checklist is also based on the list above. It will provide a rough timetable for grading, foundation work, framing, plumbing and electrical, as well as a schedule for various subcontractors to install all the items on the selection sheet. It will choreograph the subcontractors so that they can work without getting in each other’s way for the most efficient use of time.

Common House Building Checklist: Your Checklists

The most crucial checklists are the home builder’s checklists, but you should have your own checklists as well. Your homebuilding journal should be full of many types of checklists that you will develop to insure that you have planned correctly for your home. You will need to devise a series of checklists for the following.
o Planning your home
o Presenting your desires to the home builder
o Finding and selecting a home builder or contractor
o Contract checklists
o Estimate checklists
o Specifications you want in your home
o Visiting and inspecting the construction site
o Walk through checklists

For more information to help you compile your checklists download our 98 page free book, and read the other articles on this site. Research the process of home building and become familiar with materials and techniques used to build homes. Creating individual house building checklist is the responsibility of all parties involved including yourself, your home builder or contractor, and the subcontractors.

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