House building steps for construction are sometimes a mystery to homebuyers but the concepts are relatively simple. Weather plays a large part in the order of operations and the type of construction that will work in a climate vary as well. The order of steps varies with climate and individual builders. It’s generally wise to get the home under roof as quickly as possible once framing begins to avoid exposure of wood to rain water. The following is a list of house building steps for construction that must be done to construct a home. For more information, please reference some of the articles on this site, and download our free 98 page book on home building.

House Building Steps for Construction Must Do’s

1. Prepare the Lot – Clearing and Grading
2. Dig the Footings – Digging a trench around the perimeter of the home.
3. Build forms for the Footings – lumber placed inside the trench to contain the concrete footings.
4. Pour the Footings – a concrete truck will pour concrete into the forms.
5. Build the Foundation – a short brick, concrete or cement block wall for the home to rest on.
6. Install Rough Plumbing and Wiring
7. Drilling and Placement of the Sill Plate – drill holes in the treated lumber plate, and place it over the anchor bolds in the foundation.
8. Sill Gasket – calk the sill plate to keep moisture and air leaks out.
9. Install Rim Joists
10. Install Floor Joists across the inside of the Rim Joists at least 16 inches on center
11. Subfloor – Cover the Joists with ¾ inch OSB Plywood using Countersunk screws
12. Framing the Exterior Walls – build each wall section on the subfloor and then raise it. Studs should be at least 16 inches on center.
13. Framing the Interior walls
14. Install Ceiling Rim Joists
15. Install Ceiling Joists identically to Floor Joists
16. Plumb, Square and Straighten the Stud Walls
17. Mark out the locations for the trusses, usually 24 inches on center. On each end the first two should be 23 ¼ on center.
18. Place the Gable end Trusses
19. Raise and Place the other Trusses
20. Sheath the Roof with Plywood
21. Finish out Gable End Overhangs and Soffits
22. Cover the Roof with Roofing Felt
23. Apply the Roofing Materials
24. Sheath the Exterior with Plywood
25. Install the Windows and Doors
26. Apply Exterior Siding
27. Plumbing and Wiring Installation
28. Blow in the Closed Cell Insulation
29. Dry Wall Hanging
30. Add the Moldings and other Wood Trim
31. Paint and Wallpaper
32. Install Floor Coverings
33. Install Plumbing Fixtures, Cabinetry and Counter Tops

House Building Steps for Construction is a Process

As you can see, you will need grading equipment first and then ditch digging equipment. Then you will need rough carpenters for the footing forms. After that you’ll need a concrete truck to deliver the concrete and concrete workers to spread it. Then you will need masons to build the foundation wall. A plumber and electrician will be needed to start plumbing and wiring. After that a small crew of 3 to 5 carpenters can do the lion’s share of construction. You will also need a plumber again, and an electrician. When they are done with the majority of their work, you will need insulation specialists for a day, and then drywall hangers, though the same carpenters can do this also. From there on out it’s just the decorative interior stuff, but oddly this usually takes more time than the rest of the process.

House Building Steps for Construction Conclusion

Building a home is a huge undertaking, but the concept is simple. Those who know how can make it look deceptively easy, but the work can be very hard. These house building steps for construction are intended as a general guideline for understanding the home building process. Research these steps for more information.

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