How Big Is 700 Square Feet?


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When you ponder over the query “how big is 700 square feet?” do you struggle to picture the size?

It’s indeed a dimensional conundrum particularly for those who aren’t well-acquainted with the spatial parameters involved in room measurements.

A 700 square foot space can be configured in a host of ways depending on the dimensional preferences.

It could be a square of approximately 26.

45 feet on each side or a rectangular room just under 16 feet wide by about 46 feet long.

How Big Is 700 Square Feet

In essence visualising 700 square footage can be subjective and delving into the understanding of its versatility would be enlightening.

Do you know how to work out the potential configurations of a 700 square foot space?

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How Much Can I Fit?

A 700 square feet area can fit quite a lot depending on the layout and design. In the grand scheme of square footages 700 square feet falls under a decently sized room.

This is slightly less than the space of two two-car garages in the US and about a quarter of a tennis court making it larger than most average rooms in houses. In terms of home furnishing the actual amount of stuff you can fit into this space largely depends on your personal style lifestyle needs and how cluttered or minimalist you like living.

Key factors to consider when deciding how much you can fit are the size and proportion of your furniture and your ability to maximize your room’s floor space. Lightweight furniture with clean lines and small profiles can give the illusion of more space in a 700-square-foot room while heavier furniture might make the room feel cramped.

You can also opt to use multi-use furniture such as Murphy beds with hidden storage and expandable tables.

Ideal Apartment Size

A 700 square foot apartment is considered a good size for one to two people. It’s not uncommon to also find individuals comfortably sharing this area especially if it’s well laid out with makeshift domains set via creative decor.

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How to precisely partition such apartments can be achieved using open shelving or rugs and wallpapers to create clear-cut divisions without blocking off natural light making it seem more open and improving the residents’ mood.

It’s worth noting that 700 square feet can comfortably hold a bedroom a decently sized kitchen a small study or home office and still have a small living room area left. You can furnish it decently with enough room for a dining set and a couch possibly even more depending on your choices in furniture and layout planning.

Space-Saving Hacks

In a 700-square-foot apartment it’s essential to make every inch count. One dynamic piece you can use to your advantage are Murphy Beds.

Every inch counts and these beds come equipped with hidden storage.

Lofted beds pose another strategic option they offer additional storage space or even a makeshift home office while also giving a unique arch-like structure to your home.

Maximizing Vertical Spaces

Utilizing wall hooks and high shelves can transform your walls into storage dynamo. If your apartment comes with tall ceilings this can greatly make a difference.

The use of vertical spaces clears floor space and makes the apartment appear larger.

Lightweight Furniture

The choice of furniture can impact how big the room feels. Lightweight furniture with clean lines and small profiles helps maintain the open and airy feeling.

Furthermore furniture with slim legs or clear elements like a glass top table can create the illusion of more open space.

Layout Tips

Arranging a 700 square foot space can be a challenge especially if you want to create multiple living areas. The key is to cleverly divide space using the right strategies and decorative pieces.

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Open Shelving

Open shelving is a stylish way to divide rooms without blocking natural light or creating a claustrophobic feel. They can be a good place for your books trinkets or simply function as a decorative screen.

Space Dividers

Partial walls large furniture like bookshelves or even screens can effectively divide rooms. They can create a sense of separation and privacy without totally blocking off areas and killing that feeling of openness.

Using Colors and Textures

Colors can bring about the illusion of a larger space and can subtly divide your home into different zones. For example a different paint color can delineate your kitchen area and living area.

Even different textures via wallpapers or area rugs can give off the feeling of being in different rooms.

Good use of Corners

Corners are a prime and often overlooked real estate in your home. A decently sized nook for example if well decorated can become a small study reading corner or even an entertainment spot.

  • Leave the space open and minimalistic for a larger visual impact.
  • Use visual cues like area rugs or different paint colors to signal the start and end of living spaces.
  • Opt for furniture pieces that are lightweight and sport a small profile for feeling of spaciousness.
  • Make use of vertical space for storage as this frees up your floor and makes your apartment look bigger.

Calculating Room Dimensions

When we talk about 700 square feet we’re referring to the total area covered by a space. To find out its dimensions or shape; however we need more information.

Why? Because multiple configurations can result in the same total area of 700 square feet.

Think about it like this: for a room to be 700 square feet it could be a square 26.45′ by 26.45′. This calculation comes from taking the square root of the total area (700) which equals 26.45.

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But that’s just one configuration. The room could also be rectangular.

If it’s 20.4′ wide it would have to be 34.3′ long to have a total area of 700 square feet.

Similarly if we consider a room of dimensions 15′ wide and 46.66′ long we’d still reach the same total area of 700 square foot.

Best Furniture For Small Spaces

Living in a 700-square-foot apartment presents its own set of challenges – one of which is furnishing. The key is selecting pieces that maximize your living space and meet your lifestyle needs.

  • Lightweight furniture: Choose pieces with clean lines and small profiles. For instance choose a couch with slim legs as opposed to a big heavy couch that blocks off the area under it. This makes the space feel open and airy.
  • Multi-use furniture: Multi-use or fold-away furniture like Murphy beds with hidden storage compartments can save space. A pull-down desk that folds away neatly when not in use or corner desks that make use of often-wasted corners are great options for a 700 square foot room.
  • Storage-friendly: Open shelves and high walls are useful for long-term storage or display. Wall-mounted shelves for example can be used for books while also creating a natural division in a one-room apartment. You can also use rugs and wallpapers to create clear-cut divisions between living and work spaces.
  • Room dividers: Lightweight screens or a backless bookshelf can provide privacy and divide rooms without blocking light from windows or creating a closed-off feel. The goal is to maintain the apartment’s openness while providing some semblance of separate spaces.

Remember the goal is to create a livable space that is functional cozy and offers the flexibility to entertain or work from home if necessary.

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