How Far Can a Standby Generator be From the House?

If you have a standby generator and are in a situation where you need to use it, you may be wondering how close it needs to be to your house. This is an important detail that you might not have thought about till just now.

How close your generator is to your house does matter, as it needs to be close enough to prove effective. Put it too far away, and it won’t be able to work and supply your home with the power that you are wanting.

This is a very resourceful thing to have on hand, you just want to be prepared to use it when you need to. Keep reading to find out exactly how close a standby generator needs to be to your home.

How Far Can a Standby Generator be From the House

How Far From the House Can a Standby Generator be?

A standby generator should be within at least 20 feet of the house in order for it to work the way that it needs to. No matter where you place the generator, it should be this close to the house or preferably even closer.

Your standby generator can technically be as close to the house as you want it to be, this will not affect how well it works. Though it shouldn’t be any farther away than 20 feet as it just won’t be effective this far away.

If you have a standby generator, it is a good idea to already have this detail in mind. Where is it going to go? How far away is it going to be? How are you going to put it outside, and does it need to be protected from the elements?

These are all important things to consider when you have a standby generator. Especially if you think that you may have to use it frequently, such as during natural disasters like hurricane season.

This is a great thing to have on hand, you just want to be aware of how to use it the right way for when the time comes.

Where Should a Standby Generator be Placed?

There is really no specific place around your home where your standby generator should be placed. Experts recommend placing it within 5 feet of your home as this is the most effective and easiest for you.

Though you will be fine as long as it is within 20 feet of your home. Another thing to take into consideration is that the generator should be far away from windows and doors.

The exhaust should also be pointing away from your home so that it will not be entering your home through doors and windows. This is very important as this exhaust can be highly toxic if you are exposed to it long enough.

It is best to place the generator somewhere that is not directly in front of your home. You do not want to risk having someone try to take it if they see it outside.

It is best to have it in your backyard, well out of view of any people driving by. It is also best if it is placed somewhere where pets and wild animals will not be able to access it easily.

Most generators can withstand the elements, but it is best to try to place them somewhere sheltered from rain and the worst winds. This will help it to last longer and stay in better shape.

Most generators are rust-proof, but this does not always prevent rust from eventually happening.

Can a Standby Generator be Placed Next to the House?

A standby generator can be placed close to your home to make it easy to access, though there are some regulations on this. The generator should be 5 feet from your lot line and not be any closer to the house’s exterior than 18 inches.

Remember to also have the exhaust pointed away from the house and put the generator where windows and doors aren’t nearby. Ideally, it shouldn’t be within 5 feet of any windows, doors, or exterior vents.

Make sure nothing outside can hinder the generator either, such as tree branches, vines, or bushes. You don’t want items getting caught in it and causing any serious damage to its internal mechanisms, as this can be a costly issue.

How Far Away From the House Can a Standby Generator be?

A standby generator should be within 20 feet of your home, ideally within 10 feet for more efficiency. Though it should not be placed any closer than 5 feet next to your lot line.

If you decide to put your generator next to your house, it should be at least 18 inches from the exterior. You also need to make sure the exhaust is directed away from your home and that it is ideally far away from doors and windows.

This is the best way to use your generator safely and effectively when necessary.

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