How Long Does It Take for HUD to Accept a Bid?


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If you are trying to use HUD to locate housing or rentals that are affordable, you may be wondering how long HUD takes to accept a bid. This is a common concern as people are often in a time crunch and need housing fast.

If this is you, you may be in a hurry to have your bid accepted by HUD to get the process really started and moving forward. The good thing is that compared to other options like HUD, HUD is very fast in how it works.

So you don’t have to worry about being made to wait months for a housing opportunity. Keep reading to find out how long HUD takes to accept bids for housing options.

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How Long Before HUD Accepts a Bid?

If you have placed a bid on HUD, you will typically have to wait 7 to 14 days before knowing if your bid was accepted. This can vary according to the demand and how many bids were placed in that time frame for the HUD house.

HUD also has a timeline that it follows when it shows who won the bid, so the house may be marked as being available when you won it. This can be complicated, so it is best to just remain patient and wait to be notified.

As far as this kind of thing goes, HUD works very quickly and accepts bids faster than most places. Once your bid has been accepted, you typically have to only wait one to two more weeks to receive the contract.

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In most situations, you could be waiting for nearly a month or longer just to get to this point. Mortgage purchasers have 45 days to close, which is just over a month. While cash buyers have 20 days for a much faster opportunity to move in.

What is the Lowest Offer That HUD Will Accept in a Bid?

If you want to bid for a HUD house, you may be wondering just how low the bid can be. We all know that a higher bid has the best chance of winning you the house, but that isn’t always possible.

You may not have the funds to bid a lot for a house but still want to try to get one. The good thing is that HUD is a great way to do this and provides some of the most affordable options to those looking for a home.

If you want to place a HUD bid, it is best if that bid covers 85% to 88% of the costs that HUD puts into that home. This gives you the best chance of having your bid taken seriously, even if it isn’t as high as it could be.

If necessary, HUD may still accept a bid even lower than that bid, which could mean that they hold onto the house for up to 6 months. A lower bid is also just risky if you are really trying to get a place to live.

Especially if many other people are currently placing bids as well.

Are HUD Homes Negotiable?

If you want to bid for a HUD house, you may be curious if the asking price is negotiable. Unlike other processes for buying a house, you aren’t going to communicate directly with the seller of the home.

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HUD is the one managing bids, so you cannot directly talk to the current homeowner about the price. HUD also does not allow any kind of negotiation, it just isn’t available.

The process for HUD is that you must place your bid and the best bid ends up getting accepted. This is why it can be difficult to get a HUD house as someone else might be outbidding you.

You can’t get HUD to lower the price at all, you simply have to place your bid and hope for the rest. This is not ideal for those who don’t have as much to bid but it really can’t be helped, unfortunately.

Besides that downside to buying through HUD, there are several upsides to using HUD, such as:

  • Quick acceptance of bids
  • Quick paperwork process
  • Short wait to move in
  • Affordable housing options

These are all things that make HUD stand out and be a great option for those looking for housing. Compared to other options, HUD offers outstanding prices that you really can’t find elsewhere.

When you try to buy a house can also impact your luck as sometimes are more congested with buyers. It is best to try to buy when others aren’t looking for houses, this gives you a better chance of having your bid accepted.

Other than doing that, all you can do is be patient and bid on any houses that are a good fit for you. Or you could try to wait and save up a bit more money so that you can pace higher bids.

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Can You Bid Lower Than the HUD Asking Price?

You can always try your luck and bid lower than the asking price on HUD, though this may not pay off very well. More than likely, other bidders are at least bidding the asking price, bursting your bid.

The only time this would work is if the house is not getting very much attention and isn’t very desirable. Or if you are bidding during a time when very few other people are looking at houses.

Other than that, you would have to get lucky to have a lower bid accepted, as many people could be placing higher bids.

How Long Does HUD Take to Accept a Bid?

It typically can take HUD 7 to 14 days to officially accept a bid for a house. You should know within this timeline unless it is congested, with a huge amount of bids.

Though the bidding process is quite simple since HUB just selects the person with the highest bid. So if you bid the most, you will get the house every time, no matter what the circumstances are.

This can be an upside or a downside, depending on how much you have to bid.

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