How Long Does It Take To Build Shaders Last Of Us?


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If you’ve ever wondered ‘how long does it take to build shaders in Last of Us’ you’re not alone.

This unique aspect of game development is often a curious point for many gaming enthusiasts and developers alike.

From novice gamers seeking to understand the inner workings and time investment of their beloved games to seasoned developers loking to improve their craft.

But is there a definitive answer to this question or does it vary based on certain factors?

How Long Does It Take To Build Shaders Last Of Us

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Building Shaders Time

Building shaders for the popular action-adventure survival horror game ‘The Last of Us’ is known to take a long time especially when compared to other games on the market. For instance one user with an Intel i7 7700hq 16 GB RAM and a GTX 1050ti mobile 4GB reported that the process took around 3.5 hours.

However the time taken can significantly vary based on the hardware of the machine used for building the shaders. For instance a user with a low-powered CPU stated that this process was especially time-consuming for them.

On the other hand someone with a Ryzen 5600+ and a 2060 Super managed to complete the process in just 40-45 minutes reflecting the impact of CPU differences on shader build time. Variations aside the game is notably credited with one of the longest shader compilation times in the gaming industry.

Shaders Compilation Duration

Shader compilation duration for ‘The Last of Us’ is tied to hardware specifications. A user with an Intel i7 11600k reported slow progress only reaching 30% after a couple of hours of playing.

Similarly another player’s laptop took almost 7 hours to compile shaders an ordeal that seems more tedious due to the lack of a progress bar on most machines.

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For most players updating the game to the latest patch and updating the graphics card’s drivers before shader compilation seemed to help reduce compilation duration. Notably some users played the game without fully building shaders; while this is possible it may lead to performance issues.

In the most extreme cases shader compilation for ‘The Last of Us’ has taken up to seven hours on low-performance machines.

Shader Building Times

Shader building times for Last of Us vary significantly depending on system specifications. A process taking a longer period of time may depend on memory CPU differences and graphics card.

For instance a user with an Intel i7 7700hq 16 GB RAM and GTX 1050ti mobile 4GB spent approximately 3.5 hours on shader builds.

Players utilizing inferior hardware have reported experiencing longer building times. A Reddit user using a low-powered CPU stated that the shader building process was particularly time-consuming corroborating the idea that it’s a CPU intensive process.

Conversely a gamer with a Ryzen 5600+ CPU and a 2060 Super completed the task in around 40-45 mins.

The most extreme case came from a gamer whose laptop took nearly 7 hours to build shaders. Meanwhile another user running a 5800x CPU finished in a comparably shorter time of only 30+ minutes.

Workarounds and fixes

  • Playing before the entire shader building is complete which may however result in decreased game performance.
  • Waiting for a new driver release or a patch that could potentially minimize shader building times.
  • Updating the game to the latest patch.
  • Ensuring all drivers are updated before commencing the shader build process.

How Long To Build Shaders

Building shaders for the AAA game Last of Us frequently takes a significant amount of time further illustrated by other examples within the gaming industry. In fact some reports suggest that this game has the longest shader compilation time in the market.

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This is a stark contrast with many other games that boast greater graphic complexity yet can compile shaders in mere minutes. Consequently these lengthy times have provoked many players to imply there may be instances of programming misfeasance or issues associated with the game being a Playstation port.

Despite updates and patches building shaders for The Last of Us™ Part I game still takes around 2 hours. Given its comparably average looking graphics this prolonged duration strikes many users as excessive and inefficient leading to its criticism in the Playstation games space.

Even compared to other Playstation ports like Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn which had shorter shader compilation times it still takes a long time.

It is suggested that the CPU is a critical factor in the shader compilation performance. Therefore the shader compilation process could be optimized for more efficient load times.

Shader Build Time

In the world of AAA gaming the experience of building shaders in a game as intense as The Last of Us can vary a lot due to different configurations. Whether you’re utilizing a high-end modern cpu/gpu or you’re relying on your old trash laptop the time allocation can undoubtedly differ.

The shader build time is significantly influenced by the laptop’s hardware. For instance one user mentioned that his machine equipped with an i7 7700hq 16 gb ram and GTX 1050ti mobile 4gb took around 3.5 hours to construct shaders.

It takes a long time for users with low-power CPUs. Conversely users with a Ryzen 5600+ and a 2060 Super completed the process in only 40-45mins.

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Admittedly the Last of Us has the longest shader compilation time in the gaming industry. The issue might be due to CPU intensity; CPU differences can exacerbate this problem.

Even though the game’s graphics might look average compared to graphic complexity of other popular titles the underlying programming complexity leads to longer build times.

However the gaming industry is continually revamping and new driver releases and patches to games are common. Latest patch for The Last of Us might help gamers with ongoing issues related to shader building.

Keeping your graphics card drivers up to date is also an effective approach.

Playing without fully building shaders is possible but it may impact the game performance. In such cases waiting for a new patch release or applying workarounds can prove beneficial.

For instance adjusting settings to keep VRAM usage under limit can help resolve issues of crashing during the process.

However this doesn’t take away the fact that shader build times are quite high for AAA games like The Last of Us which is crucial to consider before its installation. Yet its survival horror and intense gameplay keeps it on the Steam bestseller list despite these challenges.

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