How Many Amps Does a Mini Fridge Use?


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If you want to buy a mini fridge, you may be wondering just how many amps a mini fridge needs to run? This is a good question to ask as you need to make sure you have an available circuit that can power a mini fridge.

Any kind of appliance is going to need a certain amount of amps to run properly and safely without any issues. It is important to understand this so that you can supply the right kind of circuit to the appliances that you want in your home.

Keep reading to find out how many amps a mini fridge needs and what kind of circuit is best for it.

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How Many Amps Does a Mini Fridge Need?

A mini fridge is one appliance that does not use too many amps of power, making it a great option. The typical mini fridge will need just 2 amps to run correctly throughout the day, though this can vary quite a bit.

Many people have complained about mini fridges having a variety of amp needs, making it hard to know what kind of circuit they require. This can make it difficult to know just how many amps you need for your mini fridge.

A normal-sized fridge can require 3 to 6 amps though it can also change for large refrigerators. These changes for all sizes of refrigerators can depend on things like:

  • How much energy it is using
  • How cold the setting is
  • The brand of fridge

These are all things that can affect how many amps your mini fridge ultimately needs. This is why many people choose to connect it to a circuit with plenty of power to spare.

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This is the same option, as you never know when its power usage may spike. Certain brands of mini fridge are more prone to this, especially if you are pushing it to work harder than it should be working.

How Many Amps Does a Mini Freezer Use?

If you are thinking of getting a mini fridge, you may also be interested in a mini freezer. Both are highly convenient options whether you want to keep them in the basement, garage, or in your private man cave.

A mini freezer is very useful and can be a great storage solution if your fridge freezer section is too small. This is a great way to stock up on frozen goods without having your normal freezer bursting at the seams.

The good thing is that mini freezers do not require much power at all. A mini freezer will need 2 to 3.5 amps to run successfully without having any kinds of electrical issues.

This means that you can have both a mini freezer and mini fridge without using many amps of your home’s electricity. These are small appliances and will not require much power to run optimally throughout the day.

As long as you pick a circuit that can handle this many amps, you should even be able to have your mini freezer and fridge sharing a circuit. They don’t require much power, so it doesn’t make sense to have them using separate circuits.

Can a Mini Fridge Have a 10 Amp Circuit?

Because a mini fridge only requires about 2 amps of power, you may be tempted to use a circuit with very little power. After all, a mini fridge needs so little power it wouldn’t be an issue, would it?

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The thing to keep in mind is that the amps that an appliance needs could easily change. This happens very easily if the appliance is struggling to run or suddenly needs to run faster or with more power.

You don’t have to have a 2 amp circuit for a 2 amp appliance, as this could be a hazard if the appliance were to need more amps. That is why it is best to supply it with at least 5 more amps than it needs.

This means that you could easily have a 10 amp circuit for a 2 amp mini fridge. This is a safe option and gives the appliance plenty of room where it needs more power for one reason or another.

How Many Amps Do Mini Fridges Require?

If you are looking into purchasing a mini fridge, you probably want to see how many amps it will need to run. A basic mini fridge can easily run off of only 2 amps without losing its coolness or experiencing issues.

This is very close to how much power a full-sized fridge needs, as they typically run off of 3 to 6 amps, depending on the brand of the fridge and the temperature. Mini freezers can also run off of 2 amps but can also need as much as 3.5 amps to run efficiently.

These are things to consider if you want to buy any extra appliances, whether it be a mini fridge, mini freezer, or something else.

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