How Much Cost To Build A Pool In Florida?


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If you are wondering ‘how much cost to build a pool in Florida’ you are not alone.

This query is a common one among homeowners looking to add a touch of luxury and fun to their homes.

The exact cost can vary widely depending on various factors like size materials and additional features.

But fear not this article aims to provide a clear insight into these costs.

Is it worth making such a significant investment in your property?

How Much Cost To Build A Pool In Florida

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Cost Factors

Building a swimming pool in Florida is an expensive venture and demands careful consideration. The cost varies based on multiple factors like the pool type size shape and construction materials.

For instance in-ground pools cost between $18000 and $85000 while above-ground pools are cheaper ranging from $1850 and $5000.

Additional features like hot tubs lighting enclosures or fences and water features also affect the total pool cost. The budget can rise if you prefer customizing the pool shape and size.

Moreover deciding on a cleaning system such as chlorine saltwater or ultraviolet ozone will sway both installation and maintenance costs. The labor cost for pool installation typically ranges from $5000 to $30000 and obtaining a permit may cost up to $300.

Landscaping the backyard condition and local regulations are also significant costs to consider when budgeting for a pool in Florida. It’s essential to consult with a reputable pool installation company for expert guidance and a detailed cost breakdown.

Pool Types In Florida

In Florida three most popular materials for inground pools are fiberglass concrete and vinyl liner each with their pros cons and cost considerations.

  • Fiberglass pool prices range from $50000 to $200000 and require minimal yearly maintenance costs making them a reasonable budget choice for Florida homes.
  • Concrete pools are the most durable but also the most expensive with about $27400 over a 10-year maintenance cost. The installation cost varies between $29000 and $60000.
  • Vinyl liner pools offer a cheap upfront installation cost between $30000 and $120000. However be prepared for more expenses over time as the liners need to be replaced every 5 to 9 years.
  • Florida households with children should consider that local laws require fencing and alarm systems for private pools adding to the overall cost.
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With the whole range from fiberglass pools concrete pools to vinyl liner pools homeowners in Florida have various options to build a suitable pool according to their budgets and specific needs.

Pool Maintenance

The maintenance cost of an inground pool in Florida varies by the type of pool. Concrete pools require significant regular maintenance costs approximately $27400 over a 10-year period.

Fiberglass pools with their easy maintenance demand a lower amount of just $375 a year. But the cost for vinyl liner pools may differ due to the necessity of a liner replacement every 10 years.

  • $2750 yearly for concrete pool maintenance
  • $1325 annually for vinyl liner pools maintenance
  • $375 in a year for fiberglass pool maintenance

Potential cost increases can arise from additional potential costs in maintenance tasks like acid wash replastering or retiling for pool surface restoration depending on the type of pool installed. A critical aspect for pool maintenance is the choice of the cleaning system.

The decision to use chlorine saltwater or ultraviolet ozone as a disinfectant can significantly affect the amount of time and money spent on maintenance.

Other Cost Considerations

In addition to the type of pool several other factors to consider that can impact the final cost include:

  • The size of the pool: Larger pools will obviously cost more to build. For example a 10×20 ft pool would cost $18200 for a vinyl liner $23400 for fiberglass and $26000 for concrete. A 30×50 ft pool jumps to $136000 for vinyl liner $175000 for fiberglass and $195000 for concrete.
  • Customization options: Additional features such as a custom shape pool waterfalls hot tubs or elaborate landscaping can increase costs.
  • Construction materials: Concrete the most expensive can drive up costs while vinyl and fiberglass are generally cheaper.
  • Extra Costs: Costs related to permits retaining walls extra concrete and fences can add up.
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There are also unexpected costs like increases in home insurance that affect the bottom line.

While these costs can climb fast many owners find that their new backyard paradise is well worth it. Every pool is a custom project so the best way to get an accurate estimate is to have a contractor come out for a site visit.


Constructing a pool in Florida is certainly a commitment not only financially but also time-wise. Every aspect from the type of pool size choice of construction materials and additional features all impact the final cost.

Concrete pools can serve as an excellent choice due to durability but they demand a bigger budget and more time for maintenance.

On the other hand fiberglass and vinyl liner pools present as cheaper alternatives but each come with certain cons. Fiberglass pools require low maintenance but initial costs are high.

Vinyl liner pools boast quick installation and minimal yearly maintenance costs but liner changeouts can attract significant costs in the long run.

Additional potential costs such as permits retaining walls extra concrete and fences can also add to the project’s cost. Avoid scams or overbidding by seeking an expert contractor’s overview and asking for a detailed breakdown of all costs.

Furthermore keep local rules and regulations in Florida in mind particularly regarding fencing and alarm systems for households with children. Always factor in 10-year total maintenance cost into your planned budget since living in the same home long-term will require regular pool maintenance.

Lastly consider your desired swimming pool not only as a source of family fun and relaxation but also as a long-term investment that can impact your home resale value. Think of your decision-making process not only in terms of upfront costs but also the lifetime maintenance costs.

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With these considerations a swimming pool in Florida carries both pros and cons. However with the right planning budget and expert guidance achieving your backyard paradise with the desired shape and size of pool is within reach.

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