How Much Did It Cost To Build Big Snow?


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Uncovering the price tag behind a massive endeavor we delve into the question: ‘How much did it cost to build Big Snow’?

Big Snow located in New Jersey has captured people’s attention with its impressive size and unique experience it offers.

Indeed constructing the first indoor ski and snowboard park in North America is no small venture.

Yet amidst the awe and excitement the immense cost behind such an ambitious project often goes unnoticed.

But what does it really take in dollars to transform a dream like Big Snow into reality?

How Much Did It Cost To Build Big Snow

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Cost Of Construction

Big Snow American Dream an indoor skiing and snowboarding park is considered the first of its kind in North America. Nested in East Rutherford New Jersey this fascinating facility is constructed by the Triple Five Group.

The initial plans for Big Snow were drawn up as early as 1994 and suggested to be named Meadowlands Mills. Unfortunately monetary issues and a damaging heavy snowfall in 2009 led to construction being stalled.

Afterward the Triple Five Group acquired ownership in 2011. They renamed the mall American Dream and breathed life into plans for the ski slope.

Eventually in 2015 it was rebranded as ‘Big Snow.’

The final structure that we know as ‘Big Snow’ today was opened on December 5 2019 engaging around 300 workers for its completion. But how much did it cost to build Big Snow?

A challenging question primarily due to variations in the cost involved for different construction phases.

It is easier however to reckon the cost of constructing the entire American Dream mall – a whopping $5 billion!

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Indoor Skiing In North America

Indoor skiing constitutes a unique uncommon experience for American adventure enthusiasts. Big Snow has paved the way for indoor skiing in North America pioneering the concept with this massive 4-acre park.

Big Snow has been built impeccably maintaining a temperature of 28°F year-round. This climate-controlled environment shelters a total of 5500 tons of snow packed to a 2 feet depth offering exhilarating rides down three snow-laden trails named ‘Lil’ Dipper’ ‘Switchback’ and ‘Northern Lights’.

These trails are facilitated by four lifts two carpet lifts and a quad chairlift all manufactured by Doppelmayr-CTEC in 2008. Offering a 1000 feet long 160 feet high and 26% maximum pitch thrill.

For continued operations the facility operates from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. all round the year. It facilitates online booking for time slots in advance to prevent overcrowding and maintain an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Indoor skiing at Big Snow is an incredible initiative destined to attract new skiers removing various conventional barriers like long trips high cost of access and a daunting learning curve.

American Dream Mall

The American Dream Mall located in East Rutherford New Jersey is the home to Big Snow American Dream – the first indoor ski park in North America. The mall’s construction and the ski park were owned by the Triple Five Group.

From a Troubled Past
The original plans for the park were proposed in 1994 as Meadowlands Mills while construction was halted in 2009. It was due to heavy snowfall damage and lack of funding.

Taking matters into their hands The Triple Five Group took ownership in 2011 and aptly renamed the mall American Dream. A Dream Comes True
Under their ownership the ski slope took shape and was subsequently branded in 2015 as “Big Snow”.

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Following several years of construction and planning Big Snow American Dream eventually opened on December 5 2019. Ski Equipment Package
Big Snow American Dream offers a full package for $59.

This includes all skiing necessities – equipment clothing and a single lesson. Facility’s Offerings
Catering mainly to beginners this park makes it possible for newcomers to try out a snow-sport without the barriers normally associated with outdoor ski hills.

They also offer ski and snowboarding lessons for guests. Cost-Efficient
For a visit to Big Snow the cost is only $70.

This cost includes all ski clothing and equipment time with instructors and two hours on the slope. This is a simple and affordable transaction for anyone wanting to enter the realm of snow sports.

Employment Creation
Big Snow American Dream was able to secure employment for 180 workers. Of these most positions are year-round and full-time.

Impact of Big Snow
The success of Big Snow American Dream signals a promising future for indoor ski resorts. It offers a cheaper and more accessible alternative to traditional ski resorts.

In doing so it removes barriers and simplifies skiing making it a desirable activity for everyone to try.

Year-Round Skiing Opportunity

North America’s first indoor ski park Big Snow American Dream provides a year-round skiing opportunity. The facility operates throughout the year from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. making it a unique attraction for residents of East Rutherford New Jersey and the wider Tri-State area.

Opened on December 5 2019 residents and tourists have been flocking to enjoy Big Snow American Dream which offers 4 acres of snow-covered park packed to a depth of 2 feet.

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This year-round facility offers skiing and snowboarding lessons to beginners and advanced enthusiasts. The park has three trails which include “Lil’ Dipper” for beginners “Switchback” for intermediate skiers and “Northern Lights” for advanced skiers.

The highlight of this park is not just its skiable terrain but its climate-controlled environment at a constant temperature of 28°F offering an experience unlike any other in the United States.

Big Snow American Dream eliminates many barriers for new skiers. With no need for long trips to mountain resorts or concern for seasonal changes everyone from beginners to experienced skiers can enjoy skiing at any time of the year.

As the first indoor ski area in North America the property attracted about 2000 skiers per day and is expected to attract 600000 people this year. This is increasing the property’s viability with new skiers and potential customers a crucial lifeline in the current retail climate.

Big Snow also offers a full package for $59 including equipment clothing and a lesson further lowering the entry barrier for first-time skiers who may not necessarily own skiing equipment.

Thus Big Snow is not just an indoor ski area; it’s a chance for people to explore and venture into a new hobby all year round.

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